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Merry Meet All,

This morning a gray sky greets my eyes. I feel the Samhain energy in the air. Samhain is almost here! Yesterday I hauled in my garden decorations and knick knacks and trimmed the plants. I will miss my garden but I know the earth is preparing for the long cold sleep, the natural cycle of the seasons.

My Mother made an interesting comment to me the other day, after I finished telling her about the Five Fishermen restaurant. She said maybe there is no light for trapped spirits to move onto. I do not know for sure if there is or not. I have never seen it except for in movies where Hollywood spends millions on special movie effects. As a medium, I have still not seen it, despite all my experiences. I have seen other colors and auras.

This is a huge topic and can be debated till we all turn blue. No one knows for sure. So do spirits have a bright light to greet them? Where do spirits go? Are they trapped or is there a welcoming Heaven waiting for us? If being trapped on this earthly realm is all there is, and I am not saying that that is all there is, that seems so bleak and cheerless. I would like to think that there is something warm and magical and dazzling waiting to guide spirits over to the next realm.

The concept of Heaven and Hell is a Christian belief. The idea that we all go to the Summerlands is a Pagan belief. Every religion has a different belief system. But what waits for us all after we cross over? Hard to say and hard to solve that debate. Our belief systems are not available for us after we are dead. I am not arguing that one belief system is better than another.

Thousands of people have had near-death experiences. Some of these experiences share the same traits:

Intense, pure bright light
Out of body experiences
Entering another dimension
Spirit Beings: beings of light
The tunnel: many people who experience it described a tunnel with a bright light at the end.
Communication with spirits: a voice that tells them it is not their time. People who experience near-death experiences claim to have experienced the above things in the list.

Samhain is a good time to work with spirits- but don’t just be in a hurry to have a near-death experience. You can meditate or hold a seance. Just refer back to the earlier entries to be sure your encounters are safe and positive. The concept of the Summerland is a NeoPagan concept. It is not common to all Pagan or Wiccan traditions. Ceisiwr Seth wrote a book entitled The Pagan Famly where he states that a “belief in the Summerland – or reincarnation, or Tir na nOg, or ancestor rites- are all part of the Pagan acceptance of the physical state of death.” (

Not all reconstructionist paths embrace the idea of the Summerland. Interpretations vary about what the Summerlands is.

Samhain is the time of the Dark Crone, death, winter chill, and a time for reflection. Animals hibernate or migrate to different climates and areas to live. Plants, herbs, and flowers die back to the earth to be reborn and unearthed in the spring. It is a good time to communicate on those who have gone before us and to try to honor our ancestors.

The earlier entries on this blog tell how to host a safe, practical, and magical seance. Remember to ground and center and cast a circle of protection. Have a magical Samhain!

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch


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