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The Veil to the Unknown

Merry Meet All,

The moon is in its waning crescent phase, transitioning to waxing. The moon will be ripe and full nearing the end of the month. The moon is in Leo. The New Moon shines this Saturday. Concentrate on new beginnings and opportunities during the New Moon. The Full Moon rules on the 29th. Gather your silver and white lunar candles for those auspicious dates.

In the previous post, and in other posts, I have mentioned the veil between the worlds. Some of you may have heard of it before. But what is it, exactly? The veil is ethereal and elusive. It makes me think of fog or mystical mists. Those who are truly psychically gifted may be able to see the veil between the worlds. The veil is powerful during Midsummer and Samhain. The ancient Celts celebrated Samhain.

The veil is thinnest from October 15 to October 31st, the most important night of the year for Witches and Pagans. Divinations are popular at Samhain, the best time of year to contact our ancestors. We are more receptive to the energies around us. The veil between the world lifts and the dead walk among the living at Samhain. The veil is invisible to most. I was sure one Samhain a year or two ago I saw a strange golden haze in the air. I assumed that was the veil between worlds. It was close to Samhain. If you can see it, I urge you to become rooted to your spots and meditate right then and there on it. You are truly fortunate.

To the ancient Celts, Samhain was sacred. The dead were welcomed into homes to seek shelter from the cold. The animals were brought in and food was shared or offered to the dead. Modern witches may perform meditations, rituals with a coven or as a solitary, and visualizations to contact the dead. Many Witches and Pagans set up a plate for their ancestors at the dinner table at Samhain. Mirror magic, divinations, burning candles, are performed during Samhain. It is a time to honor the dead and faeries, and the Sidhe, and to establish boundaries between the living and the hungrier ghosts. As the Celtic sholar Marie-Louise Sjoestedst expressed,”This night belongs neither to one year or the other and is, as it were, free from temporal restraint.” I could not have expressed it better myself. Witches stare in mirrors for visions, omens, and divinations. The veil is down, and it is easier to visit the vast land of the dead-temporarily.

There is a saying about a magic spell a witch or a lovelorn woman can perform: “On Halloween, look in the glass, Your future husband’s face may pass.” Who knows? It may come true that you see a future loved one.

The veil between the worlds is a wonder. However, it is not to be played in jest. The world of the dead is powerful. Remember to cast a circle or a triple circle with sacred consecrated sprinkled salt around your circle, if you choose to practice divinations and magick. You must shield yourself against the nasties, if they are out there. Our ancestors are different from nasties. You will know the difference. Be careful.

I will be posting more on Samhain as the time comes. Stay tuned!

Lady Spiderwitch

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