Lunar Gardening Magick

Merry Meet All,

The New Moon rules the sky. The moon is waxing. This is a powerful time for our gardens. The moon creates more moisture in the soil during new moon and waxing moon. The sun is larger than the moon but the moon is closer to the earth. The tides are affected by the gravitational pull of the moon. All of the plants in my garden from new moon to waning moon will have more moisture in the soil. I wish that would save me the hard work to water my garden. I have to fill my jug ten times to water my garden. Waxing moon is a great time to do some natural magick in or for your garden. It’s a good time to attract things towards you and to appeal to the God and Goddess or faeries to help your plants grow.

The earth exhales during the waxing moon and the sap goes above ground into the plants. That is a good time to help plants grow that grow above ground. The waning moon is when the sap goes below ground and is when the earth inhales. That is the time to do weeding, pruning, and helping plants to grow that grow below ground. That means that I was on time when my Mother and I pruned the tree suckers and cut the overgrown trees during the recent waning moon.

This is why I waited till waning moon to plant my carrot seeds in the big deep pot. I knew that waning moon is the perfect time to plant seeds, like carrots, because carrots grow below ground. I also planted my radishes in the planter because they grow below ground. Now all the energy will be drawn into the plants that grow above ground.

Work your lunar magick for your garden with these guidelines. May the Goddess bless your gardens!!

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch )O(