Witchcraft on the Cheap

Merry Meet All,

Today the snow remains, a bitter sign that winter is not over. My flowers are buried under several inches of snow. Actually, maybe the snow is my imagination and if I wish hard enough, it might go away. Righhht.

This post will be about how to save money as a witch. So sip a cup of tea and sit tight for a cool post. Did you read those magic words correctly- save money? Yes, you did. I have lots of suggestions that should help your wallet rather than empty it and I am sharing them here.


I make my own. Rarely have I bought an altar cloth. I embroider, trim with lace, sew, add beads, or whatever strikes my fancy. You can too. There is and should not be any limit to your imagination. I store them in a beautiful deep brown large wooden basket. I have altar cloths in every colour of the rainbow, or chakra. I keep an eye out at the local fabric store for bargains on material and have beautiful altar cloths suitable for Samhain, Mabon, or Imbolc. I found cool reversible silver and gold material I use only for Yule. All you need is a half to a full meter of fabric and some sewing experience and presto!- an altar cloth.


I sometimes buy them but amazingly, the most witchy stuff I have found has not been from a local metaphysical shop, but from other nonpagan stores. The witch figurines, artificial birds’ nests- which are great for Imbolc and Ostara, btw, and my candleholders and incense burners I bought from local drugstores. So keep your eyes open and you never know where you will find a bargain. I turned the birds’ nest over and honestly, it had three legs like a cauldron. There are also three bird eggs in it. You bet your broomsticks I bought it.


Candles can be found anywhere in varying shapes, sizes, and colours. I go to Little Mysteries http://www.littlemysteries.com/ and their prices are fair. But I also live in an area with three or four other metaphysical shops. So buying candles is not hard. But you can make them too. Although I should leave that to truly accomplished witches. Or it could be I need practice. Save the wax from old candles and your candleholders. Buy candle making supplies and store them so when you want to make a truly magical candle for a spell, everything is there when you need it. I keep old wax, no matter how much or how little, in a plastic ziploc bag.

One thing about tools. Here is a tip on how to clean cast iron. Use coarse salt and a soft sponge. Rinse away the salt and wipe dry. Clean stainless steel white vinegar and a soft cloth. To clean copper (your cauldrons, hint, hint), use lemon and coarse salt. Sprinkle the outside of a sliced lemon half with the salt, rub it over the copper, which will soon gleam. Use mineral oil on wooden cutting boards. You can get more money’s worth by taking care of your tools. I cleaned my candleholders in the sink with soapy dish water and they looked beautiful. Old candle wax is stale energy and your candles will harbour the stale energy. Clean your candle holders. This holds for censers, cauldrons, and even altar cloths. I hand wash mine because of beads, lace trim or embroidery. I buy books of celtic embroidery patterns. Once I cut a pattern out, I put an empty envelope out in the book, staple the envelope to the book, then store my patterns in the envelope. I can reuse them and the patterns are stored neatly in one place.

If you have decorative bottles, use them for dish soap and throw the plastic ones away. I am trying so hard to have no plastic in my home. It is an ongoing battle. Using attractive jars and bottles for holding our magical supplies makes cleaning or storing herbs and gemstones far less of a chore. When you are scrimping money, that can be a huge asset. Keep an eye out at farmers markets where you may find a beautiful earthenware bowl for scrying. You just never know when or where you can find a treasure. It will jump out at you.

I also cover my laptop with a beautiful purple cloth that has a black design on it. I found it at a local ethnic boutique called the Black Market. It cost next to nothing. I hide my laptop with the purple cloth or shawl from would be thieves.

So I hope this inspires you to try something new. May the Goddess guide you on your magical path.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch )O(