Autumn Blessings

Merry Meet All,

The Wheel of the Year turns again!! Autumn Equinox is around the corner on September 21. Mabon is the next Sabbat. The harvest season beckons us to get out in our gardens and reap what we sowed.

Autumn harvest encourages us to reflect on what we accomplished within the last year since last Samhain. But for now, we will focus on the actual harvest. Most witches love to grow herbs in their gardens, both indoors and out. Herbs have many magickal properties and witches like to make the most of them. Corn, wheat, and grains like barley and oats are harvested at this time.

I have wonderful potent herbs growing in my garden. Herbs such as bee balm, mugwort, sage, lemon verbena and echinacea, lemon balm, egyptian mint, spearmint, peppermint, and chocolate mint are growing profusely in my garden. Woodruff, chives, and clover grace my garden. I will have a good harvest of herbs this year. I face this turn of the wheel with a tinge of sadness. I love to see my garden blooming and as leaves start to turn and a crisp chill cools the air, I know the garden will be preparing for winter.

This is a time to give thanks for the fruits from the earth and to honor the harvest deities such as Lugh, Pomona, Ceres, and Demeter. They are all associated with the harvest and grains. As you gather herbs, grains, or apples from your fields, take the time to thank the deitites and faeries who nurtured our gardens when we weren’t looking. This can ensure your garden will grow strong next year.

Leaves turn into gorgeous colors in the fall. They blanket the earth with a rich fiery carpet of crimson, green, brilliant yellows, and oranges. I always leave them to shield my garden for the long winter sleep. Consider keeping leaves on your garden this fall, instead of supporting landfills.

Autumn is a magickal time of year. Bright blessings this autumn. Enjoy the harvest with your friends and families.

Lady Spiderwitch