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Wheat-Free Meals

Merry Meet All,

A part of being a sensitive/ psychic soul/ witch, what have you, is maintaining health. That can be protecting your psychic self from psychic vampires and your physical health. I am going to explain this a bit more.

All my life I have had a medical condition, which means I suffer pretty badly when I get a sinus infection. A part of having such a condition is diet. I have had this condition for years and now only am beginning to examine what I eat in my diet. Wheat, or gluten, is the ingredient in flour that triggers sinus pain. Unfortunately for me, yet in a way very fortunate, society is becoming aware of the serious effects of gluten in food. Does this mean I can’t enjoy bagels or toast or cakes or cookies anymore? Not at all.

The downside of my trip to Cape Breton was that I caught a nasty cold. Naturally this came with a hit by a mack truck equivalent of sinus pain and pressure. On the way home to Halifax, I was forced to endure unbelievable sinus pain till my Mother and I found some Advil to relieve the pain.

Then, at home, I googled sinus infections and wheat out of sheer curiosity and desperation. It shocked me to learn that I wasn’t the only one suffering from the sinus pain and that those who did had eliminated wheat entirely from their diet and were leading good lives. I’m on board, I thought, and went on to learn more about a gluten free diet. I worried that I would have to meticulously watch everything I eat and never eat in a restaurant again! I was also pleasantly surprised to find that my favorite restaurant served gluten-free food. It’s not as hard as I thought.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a gluten free food section in my favorite grocery last night.
I bought gluten free flour, soya sauce, bread and fresh veggies. I felt great as I headed home. I also saved a lot of money. A win-win!

Organic food may not be totally gluten-free, yet it is free of a number of chemicals. It is a good alternative to genetically modified food, which also includes genetically modified food. The GMO wheat may be what is causing so many to have Celiac’s disease, the wheat intolerance. Our food is not meant to be genetically modified. We are tampering with Nature. GMO food is stripped of its nutrients, which some food would retain if it were organic. It is always better to opt for organic food.

I am on my way now to a gluten-free diet. The slices of gluten-free toast today were delicious. I can’t wait to do some Christmas baking, knowing I can control what the ingredients are and feel better eating it. I am really looking forward to the holidays now!

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch

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