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Witches in Style- How to make a Witch costume

Merry Meet All,

October energy is in the air! Pumpkins are everywhere in the supermarkets and leaves are turning to crimson and gold tones. This is the season of the Witch and this year, you can celebrate it in style!!

Witch Dress

In this post, you will learn how to make a Witch costume. It is easy to do and affordable. A sewing machine is required. The costume is a dress that you pull over your head. Buy two to three meters of black cotton fabric. Always have more fabric than you need. Buy some good quality black thread too. The pattern is in the photo shown above.

The pattern that was used was McCall’s costume #3334. I do not know if that pattern is available now. You may be able to find the pattern on Ebay. It is so easy to do you may not need a pattern. Cut out the pattern pieces and keep them in one pile.

Sew two sides- the back and the front- of the fabric material and stitch them together. Always press after you stitch. This makes sewing your garment much easier and ensures a good result. Sew on the long black sleeves. They should be a bit longer than your arms. Turn the garment right side out and trim any loose threads. Press again. The pattern calls for a wide collar. Sew the collar and turn the edges under or make them jagged! Here is the fun part: make the hem jagged and the hem of the sleeves and the collar. Make smaller jagged edging at the collar.

Pull the costume over your head and see if it fits you properly. Make sure it fits you and if it doesn’t, make some adjustments. You want to feel good and comfortable in the costume.

Witch’s Hat

A Witch costume has to have a cool spooky Witch hat. While it is easy to buy one at any store, if you make it, you put your own mark and your intent and energy into it. The steps to make the hat are shown below:

Cut a half circle out of fabric or poster board and bend to create a cone shape. Measure your head and measure to determine the right size for your head. Cut a second half circle the same size out of felt.

Overlap the poster board and staple it down once you are sure of the size. Glue down or staple down the edge of the seam. Snip the wide end of the cone around the edges with bias tape and fold the snipped edges out. This creates a base for the hat brim. Paint the glue onto the cone and attach the matching felt circle you made in step one.

Trace the bottom of the cone onto a piece of felt with white chalk. Use a compass to mark the middle point of the circle you drew. Use a compass to measure out from the middle of the circle large enough to make a brim. The brim should be two inches wide. Cut out the big circle and a smaller circle. Slip the circle over the cone and slide down to rest on the snipped edges. Make sure it fits. Slide the circle over the cone and press the edges down to attach.

Now you can decorate! Attach a wide black ribbon where the base and cone join. Glue on spiders, a ribbon in an orange color if you choose, spiderwebs, glitter, or attach Halloween fabric decorated with stars from the Witch hat- the top of the hat and the sides of the brim. Be outrageous or mysterious. It’s your Witch hat and you can make it anyway you want!!

Don’t forget the striped socks and buckled shoes!! )0(

Now party in style!
Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch


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