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Beat the Clutter Magically

Merry Meet All,

It begins innocently enough. You drag home cartloads full of amethyst crystals, magical candles and tarot bags. But soon the question becomes how did I acquire all this and where do I put it? Before your pile of magical spell books becomes as high as a Maypole, read this post for some suggestions on how to better organize your tools and other paraphernalia.

When it comes time to perform a ritual, rite or handfasting, and you waste three hours searching for the perfect quarter candle or dish for salt, having everything organized and at your fingertips is a real help. We know your animal familiar/ pet cat winds herself by your feet but tripping over clutter that resides on the floor leaves you with no space to perform your daily devotionals.

Consider putting a carpet in a corresponding color beneath your altar if you keep your altar on the floor. The carpet blocks the stale chi from the floor and alleviates the dust. Every once in a while, vacuum the carpet and wash the floor below it. Wash your altar with a light infusion of spring water and mugwort. This releases the stagnant chi and refreshes your altar space. This is good to do on or near a major Sabbat.

Bookcases are a great place to store spell books or other texts. Set a space aside and clean it. Reserve a section for your books of spells and related books. Buy ornamental bookends to help store your books and magazines. I use dragon bookends.

Baskets, especially when made from natural fibers, are ideal for storing tarot decks in their tarot bags. Store candleholders, crystals, candles and altar cloths in the baskets and empty sachets and tarot bags. Hand wash the sachets and tarot bags. Let nature dry the cloths, bags and sachets, especially if they are handmade or embroidered. That way, the delicate embroidery remains undamaged. If the baskets are maintained, they will last a long time.

When baskets are dirty, soak them in the tub in tepid water. Open the window to allow the air to circulate and allow the baskets to air dry. Muslin cloth lining in the baskets increases a basket’s longevity and help protect it from damage. If baskets are so damaged that they are beyond repair, replace with new ones.

Out of season pagan decorations can be put in baskets and trunks and stored in a closet. When Samhain comes, decorate your apartment and when it ends, put it away till the season returns. Your items will last longer that way.

Look for baskets in thrift stores or specialty stores such as Wicker Emporium. Sometimes you can find beautiful baskets on sale. Small trunks can be painted and are great for holding larger out of season items. Use hooks to hang pendulums, candlesnuffers, and ornamental pentacles. It is better when the pendulums and candlesnuffers beautify your living space.

Hang up that witch hat! Place on both sides of the doorway to your bedroom for a theatrical feel. Broomsticks can be hung up off the ground too and hung near your witch hats. Goddess shawls can be hung up too thought where you choose to hang them is up to you. It gets them off the ground and out of your way and makes your place look cool.

Store tiaras, crowns, and circlets in cardboard boxes to protect them. Leaving them in open sight greatly increases the chance they might get damaged. Keeping them in boxes ensures the circlets are ready for the next faerie festival.

I was gifted with a gold star shaped box one Yule from a friend. The star shaped box has silver decorations on it and I use it to hold candles of varying sizes, shapes and colors. It is deep and has high sides. The scented candles release a lovely scent each time I open the box.

Consider using an attractive ceramic mug to hold pens, letter openers, wands or witch pens. Jewelry trays are perfect for storing crystals. The slots make it easy to store crystals of different size or kind and the trays are clear for easy identification. Tuck labels of the crystals in the slots.

At Imbolc or another major Sabbat, when you perform a major cleansing, consider doing a swap of magical implements with a friend of items you may no longer need or have use of. One witch’s trash is another witch’s treasure. I gave away a silver wand I made myself but never used. She may be inspired to use it for a Full Moon ritual.

Try to keep electrical cords away from your altar. The energy of the cords interferes and negatively affects your altar. I have a computer desk near my altar but the cords are on the far side of my desk and are nowhere near my altar space. This too can protect your altar from negative space.

Use your tools to make your own incenses, oils, brews and candles right in your own kitchen. That is part of what true earth-friendly herbalism is about. You put your intent and energy into what you wish to create. If you are performing a healing spell, for example, it can be simple as using a rose quartz stone and a pink candle on a white plate with scattered rose petals around the base of the candle. The power comes from within you, which is directed into the tool or the dishes you prepare.

Tools collect dust, old wax and ashes. Use mugwort, lavender, tea tree oil, and lemon to clean your tools and altar. Your tools also absorb and sustain the energies you put into them and will work for you during rituals and spell workings. You will soon find you can’t live without them. Every living thing has energy. The tools grow stronger because they absorb your energy and intent. It is worth taking good care of them.

Your magical implements deserve the best of care. Use the above suggestions to make your magical tools last longer and they will last for many rituals and spells. Your witchy friends might be so inspired by your living space and refresh their own witchy abodes.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch


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