Goddess Statue from India Discovered

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1200-yr-old sculpture found
Deepender Deswal, TNN, Nov 24, 2010, 06.52am IST
ROHTAK: A rare 1200-year-old sandstone sculpture of a Hindu goddess has been discovered from an archeological site near Kaleshwar temple in Kurukhsetra. According to historians, the sculpture signifies the prevalence of worship of female gods during the Pratihar and pre-Pratihar era.

The 30 kg sandstone sculpture of goddess Shakti could be from the Shakti peetha of Savitri or the Bhadrakali of Thanesar in Kurukshetra.

Thanesar is known for Shaktism, a term which is based on worship of the divine in the form of the supreme mother of the universe.

Rajesh Purohit, deputy director and curator of the Shrikrishna Museum spotted the sculpture near the banks of Saraswati pond in Kaleshwar temple in Thanesar recently. Purohit who is also an archaeologist, said: This kind of an image has never been noticed here before in the history. This is one of the finest early-Pratihar era images found in Haryana.

Purohit said that the sculpture was excavated from Harsha-ka-tila an archeological site of historical significance. Thanesar region was the capital of king Harshavardhan in the pre-Pratihar times.

The sculpture, which is worth million of rupees, is preserved in the Shrikrishna museum. Historians and scholars from across the country are coming to the stadium to study the art work.

Firstly, it indicates that artistry was at a developed stage in that era, more importantly, it throws light at feminine dominance in those times. This region, comprising entire Haryana and parts of Punjab, was the centre of culture and learning. People were known for their high living standards and a taste for art and culture, commented Rajesh Dalal, a scholar of ancient history in the Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak.

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This is fascinating and lends proof that there was indeed goddess worship in that time. This put women in a position of high respect in society and in the family. I believe that the first occupation for women was not prostitution, but priestess-hood. The fact that goddesses were worshipped means that women enjoyed many privileges that may otherwise have not been available if it was different. It may also have had to do with the social class. Women were the focus in the temples. Rituals were performed and offerings were left for the Goddess(es). They were prayed to for safety, prosperity, good weather for their crops and food.

It’s great that the statue was discovered. Now we can learn more of our history and understand our past. It sheds light on the history of Goddess worship and which goddesses were worshipped.

More power to the Goddess!
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