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A Yule log Ritual


Merry meet all,

Winter Solstice celebrates the return of the sun. For this ceremony, you need a Yule log. It may be safer to perform this ritual outdoors, if possible. 

Cast a circle depending on your tradition. Perform this ceremony with your family. The first few steps of the ceremony are for the adult members of the family. The parents take turns to say the following:

The Wheel of the Year spins once more, and the earth prepares for a wintry sleep. The faded leaves shelter roots beneath the cold soil. We celebrate the return of the light. On this darkest of nights, we celebrate the light. Welcome back the light. Blessed Be.

The entire  group now moves deosil around the fire. When each member has returned to its original position, it is the childrens’ turn in the ritual. 

Shadows are banished from the light’s core. Darkness is no more. The light of the sun shines on the earth. Warm the sky. Warn the earth. Warm our hearts. Welcome back, sun. 

Walk deosil around the circle and hold hands. Take a moment to openly express what you feel gratitude for. Close the circle. Extinguish the fire. 

Blessed Be,

Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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Yule Recipes for Rituals

Winter Wolf

Merry meet all,

Here is a incense recipe for Yule. You can use this recipe as you perform your Yule ritual, whether in a coven or by yourself. 


  • 3 parts frankincense
  • 2 parts sandalwood
  • 2 parts chamomile
  • 1 part ginger
  • 1/2 part sage
  • a few drops of cinnamon oil


  • 2 drops cinnamon oil
  • 2 drops clove oil
  • 1 drop mandarin oil
  • 1 drop pine oil


  • Pine for health
  • Bayberry for wealth
  • Cedar for protection
  • Bay for wisdom
  • Dried apple for love
  • Dried orange peel for happiness


Add to a pot and allow to simmer. The fragrance will make your home smell beautiful and wintry. This gets you in the mood for a Yule celebration. 

Enjoy Yule with these festive recipes!

Blessed Be,

Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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Merry Krampusnacht


Merry meet all:

Different cultures have their own ways of celebrating Yule. In Germany, they celebrate Krampusnacht, which is a ancient pre-Christian tradition. The word Krampus means ‘claw’, and in certain Alpine villages, they held large parties featuring a scary clawed incubus wearing sheepskin, horns and carried a switch used to swat children and unsuspecting young ladies. The Krampus’ goal is to punish those who misbehaved, while Santa gifted those who behaved well. Who would you prefer to have on your side?

The men parade dressed up as demons, and the women wear masks to represent Frau Perchta, who was a Nordic Goddess. She shared an aspect similar to Freya, the fertility goddess. is the official website of the “Krampus, the holiday devil” says Krampus, a dark counterpart to Saint Nicholas, the traditional gift-bringer who visits on his holy day of December 6th. Santa rewards the good kids while Krampus punishes the bad kids. 

So be good, for goodness sake!

Blessed Be,

Lady Spiderwitch

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The Crone of Winter Solstice

Yule Magick

Merry meet all,

Here is an essay I wrote for Eternal Haunted Summer Ezine. Enjoy. 

The Crone of Winter Solstice

 Winter Solstice celebrates the rebirth of the sun. The Norsemen of Northern Europe viewed the sun as a wheel that changed the seasons. The Celtic Druids cut mistletoe from oak trees and blessed the mistletoe. Many of the traditions we follow today were practiced by the Celts.

 We honor the Crone during Yule, or the Winter Solstice. Yule is derived from the Norse word Jul, meaning ‘reborn’. The Crone is symbolic of life, death, and rebirth. She is the gatekeeper of death and transformation. The Crone’s cauldron is a vessel of rebirth. Winter brings rest to the earth and reminds us of mortality. What is born dies and what dies is reborn. We all return to the earth.

 Here is a meditation to honor the Crone on Winter Solstice. You can do it inside but try to perform it outdoors if you can. Prepare your self and your space with a purification ritual.  Smudge your meditation area with sandalwood, frankincense, rosemary or sage, all of which possess purifying qualities. Take three deep cleansing breaths for your mind, body, and spirit. Allow yourself to be open to any messages you may receive and to be open to meeting the Crone. 

 If you perform the ritual outdoors, make sure you will be safe and bring your ritual tools with you. Light a dark colored candle. The colors that represent the Crone are dark blue, purple, black and dark green.

 Sit in a comfortable position either in a chair or on the floor, or ground. Wear a ritual robe and a crown of holly or ivy. Burn a Yule log during the ritual. Light some fragrant incense such as frankincense, cinnamon and myrrh, which are appropriate for Yule. Think of how our ancestors celebrated Yule. They knew the sun would bring back the light.

 Close your eyes and visualize a mist showering over you until the light surrounds you. Relax your entire body. You are in a magical forest. You pass through a parted veil and enter the woods to meet the Crone. You can sit down on a tree stump or boulder. You hear animals around you. You are rooted to the cold earth and feel its energies around you.

 Wind stirs the leaves on the fallen trees. Old rotted tree trunks surround you, covered in faded leaves. Small birds burrow through the tangled and aged tree branches to their nests. Sounds grow louder: birds’ cries, wind, and the creak of the boughs. The deep stillness fills your soul. Your feet grow cold and tingle. A peace fills you as you feel the pulse of this forest. The ground is matted in leaves and pinecones.

 You see someone standing before you and recognize her as the Crone. She blends with Nature and yet you know she is the Goddess.  Greet the Crone reverently. Leave an offering of mistletoe or apples. Ask for a message or a prayer for healing or something to aid you in your spiritual development. She will bless you with her wisdom. Before you walk away, thank her for her presence and guidance.

 Leave the forest and return your awareness to the room you are in. When you are ready, open your eyes. Be sure to ground and center yourself. Visualize roots extending from the soles of your feet into the earth and draw up energy. If you are outdoors, relax before jumping to your feet to leave.

 Pay attention to any messages or auspicious signs that you may encounter in dreams or a meditation. Sometimes, auspicious signs emerge in your daily life, like an image on a tarot card. Reflect on what the messages may mean and record them in your journal.

 Ask yourself if you accomplished everything you wanted to and if you grew in your spiritual development in the past year. Think about what you might learn from the Crone. She is the great teacher of mysteries of life. The Crone reminds us we are all mortal and death is a natural fact of life. Winter is the ideal time for introspection, meditation, and prayer. We have much to learn from the Crone and to be aware of her cycles of life, death, and rebirth.

 Blessed be,

Lady Spiderwitch 


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Yule Magick

Merry Meet All,

There are fourteen more days till Winter Solstice. I hope you are all excited! The moon is in the waning crescent phase. The waning moon is a time of for study, meditation, and to do magick to banish harmful energies. The next Full Moon occurs on December 28, 2012.

I bought the Wild Wisdom of Faery Oracle Guidebook by Lucy Cavendish. The artwork is by Selina Fenech. This deck is AMAZING! As soon as I took it home with me, I felt a connection to the deck. The artwork is beautiful. I love this deck because I feel it really does reflect faerys’ essence. The images on the cards are stunning. At the top of each card is a number, a regular number, not a Roman numeral. The theme of the card is written at the bottom of each card and a few keywords. For instance, card number 4 is the StoryKeeper card. The keywords are “Tell your story, Legacy, Write your wisdom”. The image is of a faery seated on a throne. The face of the Green Man looks out at you from the top of the throne. The faery is writing her wisdom in a thick book. She looks relaxed and dreamy. Her long dark curly hair trails past her feet. Bare trees stand in the background. How can you not be inspired? A book accompanies the deck. This book too reflects faery wisdom and is quite thick. The artwork is beautiful. The artist survived cancer and completed the artwork for the deck. That must not have been an easy feat. I would highly recommend purchasing and using this deck. You will not regret it.

Speaking of magick, here are some ‘cool’ spells to cast this winter. Build a snowman as a poppet. Empower the snowman with the magickal task of being a guardian at the entrance to your property.

Channel your bad energy or bad luck into snowballs and throw them as far away as you can. The snowballs will banish the bad energy.

I love this spell! If someone is bothering you and won’t leave you alone, write their name on a slip of paper, and put the paper in an ice cube tray. Add camphor to the ice water and put the ice cube tray in the freezer. Leave the tray there and do not remove it till the person “chills” out. It does not hurt anyone and it does work.

Go for a walk in the woods. Watch the snow falling softly and listen to the silence. You might receive a message from the Divine.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch


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