My Sleep Paralysis Experience

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Source: My Sleep Paralysis Experience

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The Meaning of Energy


Merry meet all,

I promised to post about how to psychically protect yourself. Over the last few days, I have been thinking hard on what that really means. I recently read a blog post on another page that said psychic attack doesn’t exist. I don’t entirely agree but I don’t disagree either. I have been exposed to and suffered much verbal attack lately.

I want to know how to intuit and deflect a negative email from someone. I wish I knew. When I know the secret, I shall share it with you. We can’t determine that unfortunately, as much as we might wish to. We can determine though how we will respond to a negative hurtful message. I have received a lot of the hurtful negativity and sorely wished I had more power over all that.

First we have to realize we are responsible for our own energy. This is important. No one else is as responsible for that as we are or you are. Once we realize that, we have to hold to it. However, we are not responsible for someone else’s negative energy. That can be a huge relief, at least in my experience lately. No one can control us. No one can curse us without us allowing it.

I believe that energy is real. It exists in a cat, a guinea pig and in a crystal/ gemstone. It exists in water, air, fire and earth and spirit. They are all infinite and potent. I think we all exchange energy with us being or not being aware that we are exchanging energy with every other individual being on earth. We transfer energy, steal energy, give energy or suck energy. Energy courses over the earth. It is present when someone gives birth. It is present when a woman is heartbroken or proposed to. It is everywhere. It is all things.

Maybe we can’t see energy but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. We can feel energy like a rush of air upon our face or the wondrous warmth of a candle flame. Energy can’t be stopped or it can be harnessed. So with all this potent invisible but constructive energy, what can we do about it? Well I have experienced a roller-coaster of emotions the last few weeks. I am still hurt but changed. That is energy’s true purpose: to transform. It can bind, release or halt. My recent experience has shown me that not all things are forever or certain or foreseeable. Life should never be predictable. Or we become zombies. To truly live, we must let go and take that leap of faith. I advise that we do try to land on our feet but as we land, we must be changed. That is what it means. Whatever we send out, we also become. Energy is bent and malleable. We must become bendable. The chaos of emotions I have experienced lately jerked me harshly out of my comfort zone. Maybe I needed to experience that to be stirred up, to learn, to be shaken. There is always a lesson to learn. Change is the only guarantee.

I hear my guinea pig or cat purr. The sound comforts me. That is a positive or paws-itive communication from my beloved fur babies. But there is also negative energy. Yin and yang, the moon waxing and waning, the corn fields withering or ripening. I live in an area where I get the four seasons. No matter how we have changed the face of the earth, I have yet to see the four seasons not happen without fail.

Energy exchanges can be extreme or gentle. I have seen horrible arguments or peaceful affection between people. I believe though that positive energy may demand more effort but is more worthwhile. It takes a lot to feel good for me in the morning. My cute pets help and so does a hot coffee or a relaxing song. Meditation can also help. I do try to meditate.

So let’s think about what energy we send out or receive. The Universe is a transmitter and so are people. Trees are transmitters of energy, the ocean and the breeze that blows in from my open bedroom window. I took the bus home today. The sky was dark. I felt uneasy. Now I am home. The lights are on. My place feels safe and bright.

As it should.

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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Ancestral supper on Samhain

Broomsticks & Cauldrons


Merry meet all,

I enjoyed a magical evening last night. I celebrated Samhain beautifully with 3 amazing people and Spirit. I invited Stefan Loki Jordan, my Mom and Geoffrey (surprise guest) over for dinner. I previously baked black lentil soup, a frosted chocolate cake, pumpkin bread, pumpkin gingerbread, barmbrack bread, roasted pumpkin seeds and Halloween cookies. I decorated the table. I set the meals in nice dishes. I put out my photo of my beloved but not forgotten late grandfather on the table. I used wine glasses and set a place at the table for Spirit. I showed Mom how an ancestral supper is done. We ate in thoughtful silence. Rarely do I ever entertain so many people and so well. After that, we did tea leaves readings all for each other. We shared memories and partook of the barm brack bread ( fortune telling). I played the ancestral…

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10 Ways to Celebrate the Ancient Holiday of Samhain (AKA Halloween)

Popularly celebrated as Halloween, October 31st is the pagan holiday of Samhain (pronounced SOW-un). In addition to its role as a harvest festival, this is traditionally seen as a time when the vei…

Source: 10 Ways to Celebrate the Ancient Holiday of Samhain (AKA Halloween)

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Recipes for Samhain


Merry meet all,

As Samhain draws ever near, we start preparing for the most famous night of the year. Here are some recipes to help you on your way to celebrating October 31st. The ingredients can be found in your kitchen or thrift store.

I found a stunning cauldron at an antique store. The cauldron was fired in a forge. I shall dedicate it on Samhain eve.


Sage, salt, mugwort, sandalwood, sunflower seeds, rosemary, rue, pumpkin seeds, cedar, mandrake, juniper, oak leaves, acorns, almond, and cinnamon. You can mix these together and empower them in a bowl. Burn this mix on hot charcoal.


Empty one whole jug of cider in a stainless steel pot. Add 1 apple cut into small chunks, 1 cinnamon stick, 1 whole orange sliced and a pinch of nutmeg. The trick to this is to let it steep so the fruit absorbs the decadent flavor.


If you make your own candles, consider adding pumpkin spice essential oil for a tangy zippy scent.


Pumpkins are not just for soups. Add the notorious pureed fruit (that you pureed in your own kitchen, right?) to gingerbread, cookies, breads and pies. Save the seeds for roasting. Mmmmmm Or paint your pumpkin teal green to show you support people with food allergies! Compost your pumpkins in your garden to add nutrients to the soil.


Gingerbread Gingerbread was my late grandfather’s favorite recipe. I baked a loaf with a seasonal twist. Here is a recipe.

  • 1/2 cup of white sugar
  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 1 egg
  • 1 cup molasses
  • 2 1/2 cups flour
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tsp ginger
  • 1/2 tsp clove
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1 cup hot water
  • * Optional: pumpkin puree

In a large bowl, cream together the sugar and butter. Beat in the egg and molasses mixture. Use an electric mixer. In another bowl, sift together the flour and spices. Blend into the creamed mixture. Stir in the hot water. Add the pumpkin puree and beat it all with the electric mixer well. Pour into the prepared pan. Bake at 350 degrees for one hour in the oven. Allow to cool.


Sage, salt, mugwort, sandalwood, sunflower seeds, rosemary, rue, pumpkin seeds, cedar, mandrake, juniper, oak leaves, acorns, almond, and cinnamon.Chinese lanterns miniature pumpkins and gourds add a decorative element. Mix together in an attractive dish. Store covered. Add essential oils and blend well. Open the jar to release the spicy autumnal scent.

I hope you enjoy these recipes. I wish you many Samhain blessings.

Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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Halloween Haunts: Honoring the Dead by Heddy Johannesen

During Samhain, practice divination with the dead. The veil between the world of the living and the dead is thin. The dead like to be remembered.

Source: Halloween Haunts: Honoring the Dead by Heddy Johannesen

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HWA Halloween Haunts Blog Event- Honoring the Dead


Merry meet all,

The Horror Writers Association Halloween Haunts continues its spooky trail of blog posts. Today my blog post is posted to show readers how to honor the dead. Here is the link: I hope you enjoy reading all about it.

Samhain is coming! Are all of you excited? I am. I walked on the nature trail this morning. I heard bird songs, admired the fiery colored leaves and the brilliant blue sky. The early walk charges me with energy for the day. I was shocked at how cold it was so I didn’t walk too far. The walk will wake you up more than coffee, esp with the frost coming.

For those who want to read my blog post here, I have posted it now.

HWA Halloween Haunts 2016

Honoring the Dead

 Samhain is a time to honor those who are still in spirit. During Samhain, practice divination with the dead. The veil between the world of the living and the dead is thin. The dead like to be remembered. They continue to care about you after death. Perform prayers and leave offerings to show your devotion. Offerings could be something they loved in life such as a particular song, favorite aftershave or a rose. It tells them you remember them as they were in life and that they are loved. To honor those who have passed before you, keep a photo of them on your altar or in another special spot.

It’s not wrong to communicate with your dearly departed. It demonstrates a deep respect to honor your loved ones in this way. Seek their help in getting a job, the love of your life or prosperity. Remember to thank them for their assistance. Ask for something worthy of their time. Bear in mind they are at peace. Show you respect them by remembering they are deceased. Don’t ask for something menial like if you are going to win the lottery or when a person will call.

To communicate with them, light a white taper or votive candle and meditate. Talk to them either mentally or out loud. Think about what they loved in life and who they were. Regularly pray to them to maintain a relationship with them. Continue to be respectful and you will never be harmed. If you focus exclusively on those you love, you won’t attract any negative energies or spirits. Concentrate on the highest good as you call on your beloved deceased.

On Samhain eve, light a candle and set it at the window to guide the lost spirits. Be careful where you set the candle to avoid a fire. Watch for any auspicious signs as you continue to honor the dead. Enjoy the magic of the Samhain season.

Link of interest:

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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Shields of Psychic Defense


Merry meet all,

The Halloween Haunts is underway. I am so excited about this awesome spooky blog promotion event. I’m happy to announce that I won in the Horror Writers Association Cookbook Contest! I placed as a Fiendish Finalist. I guess they liked my spooky cookies recipe. 


October is the most ideal time to contact the dead. That said, you can if  you aren’t careful, attract the wrong spirits toward you. That is why it is important to shield yourself. A seance is fun until you realize you can’t get rid of the spirit or worse, a darker spirit. There is nothing glamorous about this. It is vitally important to be careful.

When you prepare to contact spirits or want to shield your home or what have you, sit down and meditate first. Meditation clears your mind and prepares you for the work ahead. Imagine a shield around you. A white shield or a deep blue shield will work. Imagine that it is unbreakable and strong. Believe that this shield will defend you from all harm and be for your highest good.

Once you have centered and grounded yourself, then you are prepared to begin spirit work. But never try to till you have completed the above steps. Then you are more prepared to defend your home from nasty unwelcome spirits. I remember the time I saw a what I call a Shadow Person in my home. It was only for a second but it was frightening. I thought I had shields around my home. See why I talk about the importance of shields?


I steeped sage tea in a teapot and let it to sit for a few days. Under the eye of the moon, I poured the sage tea  in a circle around the entire property outside the apartment building. Its a house broken into apartments. But that is another way of building a defensive shield. Sprinkle sat on your windowsills and doors. Smudge your home every full moon. Crystals can be programmed to shield your  home.

Continue to meditate regularly. October can be a fun month to enjoy if you know how to shield yourself and your home. I will post more here about psychic defense in future posts.

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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October’s Enchantments.


Merry meet all,

I have started my studies with the W1 2016 Temple of Witchcraft year one course. I’m getting excited. I have the course syllabus, my first lesson, and two notebooks for journaling. I’ve created a file folder on my desktop for files, which is filling up, and a special section in my email for emails from the staff at the Temple of Witchcraft. I’ve read the entire book The Inner Temple of Witchcraft, which I need to reread for my memory’s sake, and I even sewed myself a pencil case. I have to printout the pages because  I read better that way. I bought a witchy pen and a purple scented highlighter. I am ready to go!

I have also finished my besom! This morning I had the pleasure of spraying the gold colored straw a beautiful wickedly cool purple color. I love the way it looks. See the picture above. It’s amazing that a piece of driftwood from the beach, twine, a disassembled broom, and a nail could make a broom as cool as my Faeryn but it did. Yes the broom has an elfin name- Faeryn. I added the bead talisman after I painted it. 

The other good news is that the Horror Writers Association launches the Halloween Haunts blog event for 2016 starting tomorrow! I am all excited for this event. I love October. It is a love song, a morbid poem, a forbidden fruit. It is all that and more. Much more. I shall promote the event more here as time goes on. My post is on October 11th. Stay tuned for more posts on this!

In other good news, the Black Moon shines in the skies tonight. I did a cleansing ritual then I performed my intention ritual for the Temple of Witchcraft. Tonight is the second new moon of the month. The energy is strong tonight and I am enjoying it. I’m munching on roasted pumpkin seeds. Mmmm!! Next to me, my familiar Penny the cat snuggles us and snoozes. She is so cute. I am seated in a different chair because I wouldn’t dream of disturbing her. It should be my chair but I think that’s up for debate.

Blessings to all, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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Psychic Protection 101


Merry meet all,

In Halifax where I live, there’s a famous restaurant I really like. The reason why its famous is because it is apparently supposed to be haunted. The employees have experienced unusual occurrences there. I dined at the restaurant myself and was sure it was haunted. Certain parts of the restaurant seemed more haunted than others. The energy in the wine cellar buzzed. The private dining room was full of ghosts. I felt the ghosts’ presences as I ascended the steps to the second floor.

I’ve wanted to create a psychic protection booklet for some time now. Then it occurred to me that I could write it here. That is a great idea-and a great way for me to get my thoughts in order.

So now the next focus of my future blog posts will be about that. People  need to know more about this. I googled so many of peoples experiences with the paranormal and have noticed they had one thing in common. There wasn’t enough psychic protection knowledge or awareness. Granted, not all of the occurrences may have been true. Yet I know that if more awareness of this is made, people will have happier lives. Quite often, it can be a case of a person’s imagination run wild or a dream. Even dreams can affect how you see the world.

How can a person be expected to protect themselves or have awareness if you don’t know anything about psychic protection. I have been there and experienced odd things when I had no knowledge of what to do. How I wished I did. Now several years later, I have learned a great deal. I still haven’t mastered it but I have come a long way.

I want to help people know more about psychic protection, including how to protect yourself from negative people, how to overcome negativity, and how to protect yourself from negative encounters with spirits/ ghosts. etc.

Shall keep you posted

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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