Purple Rain

Merry meet all,

Recently I decided to paint my writing desk purple. This was a big decision for me. It was hard deciding if I should paint the desk and even harder to choose a color. I just finished painting the desk. I chose a deep deep purple berry color which I madly love. I am pleased as punch on how well it turned out.

I coated the whole desk and drawers in a coat of primer first. I put a drop cloth beneath the desk, gathered the paint brushes, paint stirring tool, paper towels, a kitchen knife, and a hammer. I recruited a friend of mine, Morrige, to help me paint the desk. The paint I used was melamine paint and the color was Blackberry Currant. 

On a hot afternoon, we toiled on painting the desk and chatted. The painting of the desk took far less time than if I had been alone. I appreciated the help and repaid him with a cold rum and coke. I love the color purple. The desk was meant to be purple. I hated the color it was before. 

The deep purple color I chose has an equally deep meaning. Purple represents power, sanctimony, spirituality, protection, psychic ability and healing. The special day is Thursday, its ruling planet is Jupiter and its astrological sign is Sagittarius- so it should go without saying I love purple! 

Since I am extremely creative, I do believe I shall experience a boost in my creativity. I should call on the Goddesses or Gods that rule creativity and ask them to bless the newly transformed and now stunning desk. 

I may try painting stencils onto the desk. My bedspread tapestry is purple, my curtains are purple and my bookcase is purple. The desk matches the rest of the décor and furniture in the bedroom. 

Afterwards, I rinsed and dried the paintbrushes. I cleaned the paint stains and mopped the floor. I am waiting to put the drawers back in the desk. I love how it turned out. I do believe the purple desk is the new focal point of the room and shall boost more witchy writings!!




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Paranormal Chronicles

Merry meet all,

The June issue of the free online magazine Paranormal Chronicles is released!!! The June issue includes my story about my encounter with an eerie phantom. I am so excited!!

Here’s what the awesome editor GL Davies says about it: “Proud to launch Issue 3 of the Paranormal Chronicles FREE digital magazine! 175 FREE pages from the TOP researchers & authors in the WORLD! The who’s who of the paranormal. Plus one lucky reader is going to be winning a (gasp) £25 Amazon voucher. Putting this together is one of the hardest things I can do & thats why I do it..AND The new Paranormal Chronicles Podcast smashed 37K listeners & 5K downloads! HARD WORK + A DREAM + BELIEF = Making dreams come true!! Links to everything in the comments! Take the Bull by the horns and dare to do the things that make you happy!! Thank you to all the wonderful writers, readers and supporters of the magazine! Awesome TEAM! 5308 Readers & counting!! #lifeisforliving xXx http://fliphtml5.com/opbbo/lqki.”

I am thrilled!! Also, Anubis Press is publishing my story about my other paranormal encounter in Handbook for the Dead. I hope you will jump to your tablets or phones or laptops to google Paranormal Chronicles and read my story and the other eerie tales. Tell everyone about it! 

I will post more when I know more about the Handbook for the Dead. Enjoy the Full Moon! 

Blessings Spiderwitch

Here is the link to Paranormal Chronicles!! http://fliphtml5.com/opbbo/lqki?fbclid=IwAR2paIssluKZkpHBWJYF70eoirL_zOfXNFvd92B-jfLLcJmSaID2QL3fZb0



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Spooky News

Merry meet all:

This week was a good one. On Sunday, I spent the day at the beach with my beau and his friend. We were on a jungle Jim of high boulders and rocks then enjoyed the afternoon at a sandy beach. The ocean waves lapped the shore. The sun beat down on us. I loved it. My beau did too. 

I received a cool certificate in the mail from the Horror Writers Association. I won in a cookbook contest. I love the certificate. I also finally got to gift my boyfriend with a  copy of a book I ordered. The book was titled The Howling: Studies of the Horror Film. Vlad is a true horror movie fan. I do believe he will enjoy the book. 

I hope to plant black hollyhock seeds this year. I am soaking the seeds till they germinate in a bowl of water. It would be cool to grow black flowers in my garden to satisfy the darkling in me. 

I bought a cool and beautiful black bag from Killstar. For anyone who truly is a darkling/witch, try that website. Killstar is the cat’s whiskers. It is truly cool. I love the bag and the fact that a pentacle is clipped to the bag. I also ordered a Book of Spells wallet. I intend to order more items from them. I love the online store with truly witchy cool items. They really get it. They will leave you drooling. 

As I sit here, sipping my coffee, youtube music in the background, I find myself suffering. It is not yet October but only 4-5 months till October. June and July feel like lazy months. Not much spooky has been happening. It will once October arrives. How I live for October. 

I think I need a countdown to October. I also need to peruse the Killstar website for more delectable irresistible purses, dresses and tops. Just to be prepared!!! 

I Shall post more here. I just want you to all know I didn’t forget you.

 Have a great summer!!

BB Spiderwitch


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Shadow People Visiting Times

Merry meet all,

I discussed the origins of shadow people in a previous post. Tonight I want to post about what they want from us, or seem to want from us. I get it. It is hard to believe such things exist- until you see them with your own eyes. I am not a fan of Paranormal Activity. I have finally seen the movies. The first one scared me more. I don’t have to watch the movies to get scared if I see a phantom, I do see them. 

I have asked myself the same questions many times over. I suspect I will never have all the answers because it is simply impossible to know everything. There is much debate on the internet about whether they are supernatural phantoms or even aliens. Their true origins are as shadowy as their appearances. They appear as a flicker you catch out of the corner of your eye. You get a glimpse then they are gone. That is long enough for you to question whether you actually saw it or if your mind was playing tricks on you. Then you see it again, and then you again ask yourself if was real or your imagination. (Btw, please don’t be awake all night agonizing whether you did see it or not- you will have a sleepless night. It is what it is.)

They could be spying on us, or indeed out to give us the frights royale, or end up in our domains because they are lost. I suspect is that they want to scare us and are then intelligent enough to (which is scarier), and not lost. I have witnessed a shadow person with a friend. The being manifested in my house and then vanished. It was scary and weird. I was jolted with fear. 

My theory is that they could be here to spy on us and thereby study us- they didn’t come all that way for nothing, right? and scare us. Mortals are limited in their years, and their abilities. I don’t know where they come from, but I am guessing they are here for a reason. It takes a lot of energy for phantoms and shadow people to move around and interact with people, so they have to feed off of energy to be able to get around. The more energy they feed off of, the more they can get around. People with low vibrational energies are still good sources of energy and yet are easier targets. People with higher vibrational energies are even better energy sources but are less likely to be targeted. People who know- like me, how to psychically defend themselves are the least targeted. 

People with low vibrational energies such as abuse victims, alcoholics, or even serial killers or depressed people are often good  targets for shadow people to feed off of. They radiate the low vibrational energies, sending off the electronic signals without being aware. So it is like sending off a beacon on a dark stormy night to the shadow person. If people with the lower energies work on building up their vibrations, they can find themselves feeling stronger and healthier. 

Conversely, people with genuine clairvoyant/ clairsentient gifts are targets too. They may have higher vibrational frequencies but they have a powerful/ strong light inside them that radiates naturally. It also shines like the beacon in the dark. Either way, the phantoms are often irresistibly drawn to them. The electronic signal is the beacon for energy to feed off of and the brighter the signal, the better. 

If you read my previous posts, you can see why psychic shielding is so important and learn how it is done. So browse through the posts till you find them. Then you can shield yourself from them. They often target or attack when a person is vulnerable, asleep. The natural defenses are lowered. I have read online many accounts of people feeling drained of energy while they lay in their beds. I don’t ask that people leave their lights on all night as they sleep, just to be aware of this. The last thing you should do is become paranoid. That leads to more problems. 

Never be ashamed to ask for help. You can obtain more assistance than you realize. Society is changing and becoming more accepting. I hope you enjoyed reading my post on shadow people. 

Blessings, Spiderwitch


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Ghost Tour Tips

Merry meet all,

I am a fan of Nox Arcana. There is nothing I won’t do for them. I’m listening to Nox Arcana now as I type. Today is rainy and overcast. The sun is on vacay. The temperatures here are still cold. 

I enjoy going on ghost walks and tours. I have been on a few in my own spooky ghost ridden town. I live in a very haunted city. There was a war here between the Natives and the people who came from Europe. the Halifax Explosion, the Titanic victims are buried here. The land here is soaked in blood. The city has a blood soaked history. The ghost tours are creepy and fascinating. 

Here are some tips for participating in ghost tours for you.

Read a bit about the history or the ghost tour beforehand. It is not enough to just have fun, a ghost tour can be educational too. 

Prepare yourself mentally for the tour. You may even see a ghost or two. The information presented during the tour can be blood curdling or unsettling. Be prepared ahead of time. 

Have fun-and a sense of humor. Don’t let the narrator’s scary tone scare you off, pardon the pun. Keep an open mind.

Go with what you are comfortable with. Don’t let fear takeover your experience of fun. Have fun. That is the point of it. If you stress, then your mind will play more tricks on you. 

Ask about the nature of the tour. I went on a ghost tour where we all ended up in a dark tunnel at night. The person’s cell phone light two people ahead of me in the line was the only light we had. Go with what you are comfortable with. 

Be chatty. It can help relieve tension that may have built up inside you. 

And my favorite tip: If you are as clairsentient and actually witnessed phantoms, then take a like minded friend with you. It helps when the muggles are joking about ghosts and helps validate your experiences. You won’t feel like the odd one out. Trust me, I know how that feels. 

I hope these tips help!

Good luck on the ghosty tours!

Blessings Spiderwitch



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Demon and Spirit presences on the Rise


Today I want to talk about demons, or more specifically, why there are so many accounts of people encountering demons. It seems that it is happening more and more. But I am asking myself why? 

I have a theory or two of why demons are appearing so often. One theory is we are entering a new age. The new age being a more spiritual age where the traditional rigid religious structures are falling at the wayside. The Goddess is now the deity of choice. Millions of men and women are drawn to the Wiccan religion. We are in a tumultuous time of change. The old structures, including capitalism, are falling. 

The next theory is the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead is thinning not just at Beltane or Samhain. But it is thinning all year. I have noticed a high increase in people reporting seeing spirits. I have seen them too. 

The third theory is and I hate to play Devil’s advocate here, no pun intended, that Witches ARE opening the portal between the worlds. Now these theories are just that, theories. They are not carved in stone and you don’t have to agree with the theories. The theories do work on a certain level, though. Perhaps some spirits are coming through the portals. 

The other night I was angry about something only to have my anger dissolve into wonder. I stared as something spectral with brown fur disappeared under my bed. I looked under the bed-no bogeyman. My kitty was in the bathroom, curled up on the floor. OK. Then how I do explain what I saw, considering my cat is white and ginger colored? 

I know, I can’t figure it either. That is the mystery of it. I need to smudge my apartment. That can get rid of spirits. The above theories though supports one fact: I saw that thing and it is nowhere right now near Samhain. I can see spirits at any time of the year, any hour, any day or time. I see spirits in full color and form. These spirits, shadow people, demons or earthbound ghosts are attracted to clairvoyants/ clairsentients and psychics. 

Ghosts might remain on earth because of unfinished business. Demons might hurt people because that is an offense against God. That is a Christian perspective but one that makes sense. It also depends on what you believe. I am noticing that more and more spirits are showing themselves and not that worried about it. I believe and this my belief, and not carved in stone, but we may all see more spirits, demons, ghosts and I think the world is going to get weirder. We might be seeing some weird shit in the future, not only at Samhain.

Then again, some demons or other nasty spirits may not want the clairvoyant, clairsentient or really psychic people sensing them. That is one reason why the spirits may be drawn to psychics. It is a scary reason and thing to think of. However, to back up my theory here, I met someone who claimed to have a nasty spirit that had infested in his apartment building. Part of me suspected the guy was all talk but upon entering his home, wow, the energy was so strong. The bad energy in there hit me like a wall of heat. The tenants ( save for the one guy who hated the nasty spirit) had nailed Ouija boards to the walls. Yeah that’s a great idea. Can you all sense my sarcasm here?) I hope so. That is a very bad idea. I don’t encourage any of you to try that at home.  They won’t take them down. That is a way of digging your own grave, metaphorically speaking. 

That is one explanation of why spirits and demons accounts are on the rise. These ideas are of course open to debate. I am presenting my own perspective. You, dear readers, are welcome to present your own and to disagree. I hope you do give this all some thought and comments in the space provided below, to share your own opinions. Stay spooky!!

Blessings, Spiderwitch 

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Grimoire Crafting

Greetings All:

I am still working on my Book of Shadows binder. I am happy with how it turned out. I love it now that I painted a sealant over the binder covers. It looks beautiful and aged, which is just the way I wanted it. I promise to post a photo soon.

I am so happy that Paranormal Chronicles is publishing my article on my phantom encounter in their next issue. I guess that the encounter paid off. Paranormal Chronicles is a new free digital magazine. The issue launches in mid-Jume. I can’t wait!!! The first issue had 3000 readers. Issue  2 will have surpassed 1000 unique readers in its first week! It’s a way to connect the paranormal enthusiasts all over the world.

The binder wasn’t hard to do. If you have an old unused dusty binder buried in your closet, and want to make it magickal as if it came off the shelves at Hogwarts, this is how you do it. I removed the plastic covering. Then I wiped down the whole binder to clear off the dust bunnies. I removed and set aside all the paper.

I assembled all the supplies I would need. I covered the whole outside of the binder and over all the edges with black tissue paper. I applied three layers of the tissue and lots and lots of glue. I applied the silver glitter stickers to the front of the binder. I let that dry overnight. The key there is to almost overboard with the glue. Set the binder on some newspaper or paper towels. This step gets messy. The front of the binder reads: :Hexes and Spells.” The spine reads Grimoire. I hot glued a spiderweb patch to the front of the binder. I hot glued on tiny black plastic spiders.

When I was sure the glue was dry, I then painted the binder with a few coats of brown acrylic paint. I wanted an aged antique look. The binder looks so cool. The brown paint and the wrinkles of the tissue paper makes the binder look truly worn and old. I glued a brown rectangle-shaped cardboard strip to the front of the binder. I glued them to the spine of the binder. I left the binder to dry and set.

When doing this project, make sure that the tissue paper does fold well over the top, bottom and side edges. This is why you use a few layers of tissue paper. I went over the silver glitter letters with an ochre colored acrylic paint. I painted neatly and painted over the stickers a few times to really define the letters. It looks so cool and the glitter still shows through. 

On the back of the binder, I made a square out of cardboard strips I painted brown. I hot glued them on. Then I painted a small square of paper the same gold color as the letters and let it dry. I cut the edges of the paper with special scissors that give the curly edges. I glued the  paper to the square and wrote my Craft name and the word grimoire in black ink. That also gives the binder an aged look and feel. 

I have to tea stain 500 pages. I have procrastinated on that step. I will do it in batches. So now you all know how to jazz up a binder. I hope you can do the same even if you’re not studying at Hogwarts. 

Blessings Spiderwitch

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Paranormal Chronicles

Greetings All:

I am still working on my Book of Shadows binder. I am happy with how it turned out. I love it now that I painted a sealant over the binder covers. It looks beautiful and aged, which is just the way I wanted it. I promise to post a photo soon.

I am so happy that Paranormal Chronicles is publishing my article on my phantom encounter in their next issue. I guess that the encounter paid off. Paranormal Chronicles is a new free digital magazine. The issue launches in mid-June. I can’t wait!!! The first issue had 3000 readers. Issue  2 will have surpassed 1000 unique readers in its first week! It’s a way to connect the paranormal enthusiasts all over the world. I am thrilled to get to write for Paranormal Chronicles. Next, I want to write about the spooky maritime history that my hometown of Halifax is so famous for. Here is the link to the magazine- https://theparanormalchronicles.com/

I am working on Lesson 20 at Sacred Mists. I have almost finished my First Degree in Witchcraft. I am so proud to have made it this far. I hope I advance to Second Degree, because I can’t wait to and even Third Degree. Yups. I look forward to working on my garden too and helping Pamela at the witch shop with her garden.

Enjoy spring, dear readers!

Blessings, Spiderwitch

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Untimely Frost

via Untimely Frost

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May 2, 2019 · 4:33 pm

Hexes and Spells )O(


I embarked on a Book of Shadows Binder DYI project recently. I found a thick binder that could fit like 300-600 pages. I removed the plastic which was a chore in itself and assembled all my necessary supplies.

I used a glue gun with new glue sticks, paper towels, black tissue paper, glittery letter stickers, scissors, a plastic bag surface for the binder to dry on, white glue, a spider web iron on decoration for the front of the binder and the binder itself.

I cut up the black tissue paper and glued it to the surface of the binder. This is why I removed the clear plastic first. It is not easy to glue the paper to the binder. I applied 3 layers of the tissue paper and smoothed the glue to prevent bad wrinkles or air bubbles. I have to let it dry maybe even overnight.

Then once I had the tissue paper secure on the front and back of the binder and on the spine, I smoothed the glue again and worked it over the top and bottom edges of the binder. It looks real cool. I then added the silver glitter letters. The front of the binder reads: Hexes and Spells. The spine of the binder on the side reads: Grimoire.

I love how it looks. I glued the spider iron on decoration with a glue gun to the front of the binder between the words. I added a lot of hot glue. A tip to make the glue stick adhere in the glue gun: add a drop of the hot melted glue to the glue stick then stick it in. It won’t fall out. Be careful with glue guns. I was badly burned once.

I want to add some paint to the black tissue paper to give it that aged antique look. I also plan to soak the pages for the binder in hot coffee/ tea and let the pages dry. Then I will write on them in black ink-with a witchy pen. Oh yeah I know I will have fun with it. I want to add photos but if anyone has friended me on facecrack, you can see the pics there. The tea stained pages will add that antique look too. 

This can be a messy craft. Plan on using up a lot of glue and either peeling the glue off your fingers (like we did when we were kids) or washing your hands. I can’t wait to add halloween/ witchy themed stickers and illustrations, dried herbs, artwork. A Book of Shadows/ Grimoire should never be mediocre. It should be magickal. I would like it if it rattled the china when it opened but I can settle for fairy dust rising from my tome. On the Grimm shows, blood had to be offered to open the Hexenbeist spellbooks. I don’t know if I can go that far with my tome. 

This is a fun and affordable project that can be done within a few days. It doesn’t need to cost a fortune and can lead to good memories. I will add spells, potions, moon spells, etc to the binder. I can’t wait to get back to work on it. I will also add illustrations, runes, the moon phases, and whatever I conjure or bewitch in the future. 

Today the paint on the binder was dry. I then began the next step of creating my Book of Shadows binder. I first painted with gold and a lighter brown paint all over the binder covers. I didn’t like it. Then by some accident I tried a darker brown acrylic paint, painting carefully over the wrinkles to avoid any tearing of the tissue paper. I found the perfect color!
I love the brown paint. F I painted the brown all over in 1 or 2 coats. I also added small strips of brown cardboard rectangles to give it more definition. I love how the binder looks.
I painted over the letters that spelled out Hexes and Spells on the front of the binder and the letters on the side of the binder that spelled Grimoire. That is exactly what I intend for this BOS to be.
I have pockets already on the insides of the binder. I can store little spell papers in the pockets.
I am so happy. I still have to tea stain 500 pages, a task in itself. I hope this inspires others to try it themselves. 

Blessings to all Spiderwitch

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