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Hexes and Spells )O(


I embarked on a Book of Shadows Binder DYI project recently. I found a thick binder that could fit like 300-600 pages. I removed the plastic which was a chore in itself and assembled all my necessary supplies.

I used a glue gun with new glue sticks, paper towels, black tissue paper, glittery letter stickers, scissors, a plastic bag surface for the binder to dry on, white glue, a spider web iron on decoration for the front of the binder and the binder itself.

I cut up the black tissue paper and glued it to the surface of the binder. This is why I removed the clear plastic first. It is not easy to glue the paper to the binder. I applied 3 layers of the tissue paper and smoothed the glue to prevent bad wrinkles or air bubbles. I have to let it dry maybe even overnight.

Then once I had the tissue paper secure on the front and back of the binder and on the spine, I smoothed the glue again and worked it over the top and bottom edges of the binder. It looks real cool. I then added the silver glitter letters. The front of the binder reads: Hexes and Spells. The spine of the binder on the side reads: Grimoire.

I love how it looks. I glued the spider iron on decoration with a glue gun to the front of the binder between the words. I added a lot of hot glue. A tip to make the glue stick adhere in the glue gun: add a drop of the hot melted glue to the glue stick then stick it in. It won’t fall out. Be careful with glue guns. I was badly burned once.

I want to add some paint to the black tissue paper to give it that aged antique look. I also plan to soak the pages for the binder in hot coffee/ tea and let the pages dry. Then I will write on them in black ink-with a witchy pen. Oh yeah I know I will have fun with it. I want to add photos but if anyone has friended me on facecrack, you can see the pics there. The tea stained pages will add that antique look too. 

This can be a messy craft. Plan on using up a lot of glue and either peeling the glue off your fingers (like we did when we were kids) or washing your hands. I can’t wait to add halloween/ witchy themed stickers and illustrations, dried herbs, artwork. A Book of Shadows/ Grimoire should never be mediocre. It should be magickal. I would like it if it rattled the china when it opened but I can settle for fairy dust rising from my tome. On the Grimm shows, blood had to be offered to open the Hexenbeist spellbooks. I don’t know if I can go that far with my tome. 

This is a fun and affordable project that can be done within a few days. It doesn’t need to cost a fortune and can lead to good memories. I will add spells, potions, moon spells, etc to the binder. I can’t wait to get back to work on it. I will also add illustrations, runes, the moon phases, and whatever I conjure or bewitch in the future. 

Today the paint on the binder was dry. I then began the next step of creating my Book of Shadows binder. I first painted with gold and a lighter brown paint all over the binder covers. I didn’t like it. Then by some accident I tried a darker brown acrylic paint, painting carefully over the wrinkles to avoid any tearing of the tissue paper. I found the perfect color!
I love the brown paint. F I painted the brown all over in 1 or 2 coats. I also added small strips of brown cardboard rectangles to give it more definition. I love how the binder looks.
I painted over the letters that spelled out Hexes and Spells on the front of the binder and the letters on the side of the binder that spelled Grimoire. That is exactly what I intend for this BOS to be.
I have pockets already on the insides of the binder. I can store little spell papers in the pockets.
I am so happy. I still have to tea stain 500 pages, a task in itself. I hope this inspires others to try it themselves. 

Blessings to all Spiderwitch

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Nature Tools for Rituals


Merry meet all,

 On Sunday I am going to the play with my friends, the Addams Family play. I can’t wait and I plan to be dressed very goth for the occasion too. I once saw the ballet Dracula. That was cool. 

It often requires the right tools to perform magic. Of course, if you have your will, intent and focus, you have all you need. But a cool silver and black athame helps too. But do try to remember that you can go out in nature and gather tools, too. 

But for magic that you are performing for a ritual where you want to honor the dead, or your passed loved ones, then a few of these types of tools can add more power to your ritual. The nature items already possess a powerful energy that can be to your benefit. Once you have collected, cleansed and dedicated your altar items, hold the item in your hands and sit calmly. Connect with the energy of the item and open yourself to receiving any psychic impressions you receive. Write them down in your Book of Shadows. 

Graveyard dust. I know you should gather this from the grave of a loved one, but for myself, I don’t know anyone who was buried in a grave. I am sure it is still acceptable to gather the dust then bake the soil to kill mites. Store in a labeled jar out of sunlight. 

Brick dust Gather this from a brick to add some protection to your home or spell

Animal bones I was fortunate enough to get to gather bones because in Pleasant Bay, the wildlife is very present. Bobcats, coyotes, bears, eagles, moose, deer, rabbits and foxes romp and roam there. I just go out to the trees and collect them. I keep the animal skull on the altar. 

Feathers Good for representing the Element of Air and using while smudging. Cleanse to remove any possibility of disease or dirt. Makes great fans or to use with ink in your Book of Shadows

Seashells and stones I live near the ocean. Good for representing the element of Water and using while smudging or holding purified water. Collect sand at the beach and bake it in the oven to kill mites then use in your cauldron or to help your plants grow. 

Seeds If you have a garden, you can gather them or wait till fall and gather seeds. Collect enough to use to put in a rattle. I’d tell you to gather gourds and dry them out to hollow them to make a rattle, but I haven’t yet learned the trick on how to do that. 

Water this should go without saying but how often do you purify water before using it for ritual? Leave a large jug out in the rain then boil it to purify and detox it then it will be ready for use. Go to the ocean or a lake to collect. 

Bark There are a few things you can do with bark. It can depend on which tree you collect it from. You can use branches for magic too. You can paint on the bark, write messages on the bark. Birch, willow, rowan, thorn, oak and ash are suitable. Take it respectfully from the tree. Make a fairy wand from the branch or a mobile. Use your imagination. Make a pentacle from twigs and hang it up. 

Leaves You can make an ash for your cauldron from leaves. Collect a lot of oak leaves then dry them. Once dried, ground them with your mortar and pestle to a fine powder. Then use in your cauldron to burn resins or incense. I placed dried oak leaves under my Odin statue on my altar- as a gift and a decoration. 

Thank the earth and the animals for their gifts to you. Leave seeds, smudge or stones as an offering. Showing respect enables you to receive their help later. Be kind to nature. The earth needs it desperately in our crazed rat race society. 

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(



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