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Imbolc Crafts


Merry meet all,

Imbolc is usually when Witches receive an urge to be Very Creative. It is about this time of year I suddenly have to do all sorts of crafts. Brighid is the Goddess for poets and bards. 

Gather together a red and white candle that represent fire and ice. Add some corresponding herbs and blessing oil. Embellish the candles with sigils of your tradition or that correspond with the Goddess Brighid. 

Create Brighid’s crosses out of raffia or yarn. Keep them for your altar or trade with your friends or coven mates. Make a corn doll or a goddess doll out of Sculpey clay, felt or yarn. Be sure to give her a green mantle and red hair to celebrate Brighid. 

Have fun creating crafts for Imbolc. 

Blessed Be,

Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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