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Autumn Harvest Time

Merry meet all,

Mabon is almost here! I survived the hurricane Dorian. It was super crazy here. My garden survived the hurricane. I harvested the shallots, a cucumber, a tiny cherry tomato and several purple beans. I froze the beans, am drying the shallots and stored the cucumber in the fridge. Last night when I had power back in my apartment, I conjured a pot of health boosting vegetable soup. 

When I had power in my apartment again, I made a pot of coffee and pancakes fast. It is amazing how weird everything is when there is no electricity. Nearly 500,000 people were without power. Now that the storm has passed, it is time for recovery. 

The stores are carrying Halloween stuff now. It is the most magical time of year. I love Mabon. I personally like to think of the whole month of September as being October 30th leading to October 31st. Now is the time to think about the harvest- metaphorically and literally. I have harvested herbs, veggies and flowers from my garden. I shall also reflect on what I am harvesting over the year since the last Samhain. 

Soon the stores will be carrying pumpkins! The Full Moon this weekend is also a Harvest Moon! That is a good time also to reflect on what you achieved or gained over the year. I plan to do a full moon esbat. I usually perform them solitary but I am not really alone. Spirit is with me. So take the time to reflect on your year. 

On to a new topic:

I have a friend who truly is being harassed by a nasty spirit, or what some may call a demon. I believe him and I always know when a story  or cry for help is genuine. A good sign is that the one who is being haunted if he/ she is fake, then they are boasting. He is not boasting, he is suffering. That is a huge difference. I am able to actually see spirits so I may have a different perspective here. I wish I could help him in person but he lives far away from me. I could really help him if I lived where he lives. I am sure I could and I wouldn’t be as affected by the demon because I know how to shield and deflect such bad energy. He wants to attempt an exorcism. I wish I could teach him how to shield himself. Once you cast off that bad energy, then you can’t be affected or overpowered again and the spirits hate that. 

They want you to be weak. They want you to suffer. They feed off of that. 

Yes I am a Ghost Adventures fan. I read Zac Bagans’ book, I am Haunted. In the book, he describes how he takes a long time to get rid of parasitic ghost pests. Sounds like he doesn’t know how to shield himself either. I feel now like I am privy to elite secret information, knowing how to shield myself. Maybe this will show you all just how important it is. 

Samhain is not far off. Not only is this a good time to harvest what we reaped, but also a good time to prepare ourselves for a spooky season. !!


Blessings, Spiderwitch


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The Horror of it all Part 2

Merry meet all,

I have watched 3-4 horror movies lately. I was not that scared. The movies were Insidious 1-2, The Possession of Hannah Grace, and Sinister. I could get a night’s sleep after watching them which means the movies needed to be scarier. I am a writer of horror fiction and seriously, I am well read. I know that in order to give readers or viewers the frights royale, it needs to be scary. I mean scary. I am talking about leaving the lights on all night and hiding under the covers kind of scared. However, after watching these predictable movies, I was like blah.
So all that money is spent on making these movies and I am getting a full night’s sleep? The Exorcist holds the throne as superior in terror because it was terrifying. There is a difference between horrifying and terrifying. One of the two you experience more deeply. I won’t watch The Exorcist which deals with similar themes as the movies mentioned above.
I had a nightmare about a horrific demon. I have seen scary. Not much fazes me now. There is nothing scarier than experiencing – read, enduring, something in real life. If you really want the frights royale, try that sometime. A movie ends. You can close the pages of a horror novel. But to actually experience something? Now there’s scary. It stays with you and changes you. Forever. It haunts you in the back of your mind. I still live in my apartment after what I saw in my nightmare. (The rent is low.) I still enter my broom closet but not without drawing up my shields. I am serious. The nightmare occurred in my broom closet. That thing was not sticking around. There was no way.
I think directors of these movies would benefit from listening to real people’s actual accounts. They think they know scary. Listen to the people. People come into my witch shop all the time for help about dark spirits following them around. Real life is scarier. Truth is stranger than fiction.
I have left a pentacle in my broom closet, salt, a jar of water (to see if it changes color- it is murky.) I have smudged with sage there. I have done an Italian spell with a lemon down there. I stabbed the lemon with pins and wound yarn around it. I left the lemon to hang in the closet and absorb the negativity. To this day, I feel like something stares back at me. I am not kidding. Sheesh. But there is no harm done yet and so I have not moved out.
So these directors really need to up their act if they want to scare me. Or maybe I will write my own scary story.
Blessings Spiderwitch

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The Horror of it all

Merry meet all,

I watched the movie The Possession of Hannah Grace last night. I went in with an open mind, seated next to my boyfriend, and bated my breath. I was disappointed. I thought the idea of the recovering addict working the night shift in a morgue was original. The acting of the possessed dead young woman and the demon was amazing. But I don’t know, the movie could have been scarier. The Exorcist ( I have never and never will see the full movie) probably was a trillion times scarier. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

My boyfriend Vlad has a morbid fascination with horror movies. Since dating him, I have watched The Shining, The Witches of Eastwick, It (oy- hide under the bed scary), Things we do in the Shadows, and a few others I can’t recall right off hand. Of course I don’t bug him about it as I write horror fiction and verse. In fact I wrote him a horror love poem as a gift for Valentine’s Day. I didn’t have a card or chocolates so I wrote him a poem. How romantic huh? (He liked the poem.)

February is Women in Horror Month. We femmes are as capable as our male counterparts or companions of conjuring horrors that could force you to leave the lights on all night as men are. We deserve recognition too. We deserve recognition and respect for our unabashed creative efforts too. I have met that resistance too but I just keep doing what I do best. I am grateful for women like Anne Rice, Shirley Jackson and Mary Shelley and countless other women who got their nasties inspiration out there to the public eye and weren’t scared to do so. Good for them. And I hope the future of horror continues to be achieved with the efforts of women and men (cooperatively would be nice but won’t happen as long as there are haters.) Haters gonna hate. That is the way it is. Writers like Mary Shelley still meet criticism long after her death for her writing. That breaks my heart. But unfortunately that sort of thing does exist. We have to strive to change that on a grand scale globally. Change for the best is possible if a large enough effort is made.

While we are on the subject of strong female roles or archetypes, I am enjoying watching The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. I love the show. I think it goes against what witchcraft is about. I don’t worship the Devil but I have been accused of it. I wish I knew more about what witches in the past really did with wing of bat etc. I love the show and I think it does a great job of showing female empowerment. I can’t travel back in time to the Burning Times and ask the men and women accused back then of what they really did with their time. I may be a bit biased here as I am dating the sweetest Satanist I have ever known . He has a statue of Baphomet in his home. He has seen dark flickering shadows in his home. Well when you consider what he is dealing with… Vlad really is the nicest guy in the world. 

Well keep writing, keep reading, and most of all, keep conjuring! Spring is not that far away now. I promise to keep writing and conjuring too. 

Blessings to all, Spiderwitch


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