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Faeries Siren Song )O(

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Merry meet all,

I want to post about our winged friends. No I don’t mean screeching jays or cooing chickadees. I am talking about the fae, the faeries, our unseen allies. Or so we think. I’m a brave enough adult to dare to believe in the existence of faeries but I also know well enough when to invoke them, honor them and be careful of them.

Faeries can help us in our homes and gardens. They can protect the home and magically guard a home, help plants grow in the garden and protect it, and keep worse nasty spirits away. But where I come from, they can also enchant you to steal you away to leave you to your death!

I believe that Pleasant Bay is highly populated with the fae and spirits. The tiny fishing village where I set my novel and where I grew up is faery territory. They frolic and flit and send out siren songs to lure you to your fate. Their siren song is sung and the people who can hear them are most likely more clairvoyant.

I have strolled through the woods, the nature trails, and hiked on the mountains. As I walked, I saw flashing spots of light and felt their presence. It feels like you’re being watched but you look and nothing is there. You swear your hear giggles but again, nothing’s there. You feel an unusual need to take a certain direction on a walk through the trees but you can’t understand why you wanted to do that. That is what I mean by faeries. They choose to show themselves to you, its not the other way around. They prefer those who are faery friendly and want to help protect the environment.

But its not without its dangers. The siren songs are heard by those who possess the ability to. However, they can confuse those who are weary and unwary. A cliff presents its dangers and small ponds or lakes. Harbours are another hunting ground for faeries. They say the fae were originally blood drinkers. It is possible, I haven’t researched that enough yet. But while I am not sure they sing that siren song, I believe that they do.

Never thank a faery and never linger in their fae world for too long. Never take their food or drink or you will never return to the mortal world. Their time is different than ours. Their logic is different than ours.

Don’t turn your back on the ocean, don’t gaze into the ocean waves too long and don’t get lost on highways. I am sure some of this goes without saying. But if you don’t believe me, then go to the harbor on a foggy night and see for yourself if you are not entranced by the moody misty waves. I have been and know when to enjoy that sensual experience of waves rolling but know when to turn away and go home.

But for those who can and do sense faeries, then embrace your gift. It is a magical and should be treasured gift to sense the faeries. They don’t let themselves be known by just anyone. You must be special. You may just have a brownie or house goblin lurking within the walls of your home. Hint: They like older houses. Leave an offering of pretty silver trinkets, or milk, honey and cookies for them. And never stop believing in magick!!!

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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Faery Woods


Merry meet all,

Pleasant Bay is so beautiful and magickal in the woods. The woods there are so ancient and so full of light and so aged, you would think Ents may feel right at home. In the summer, I see sparkling dancing balls of light and I know they are the faeries. It makes sense faeries would dwell there. 

Look hard at the above photo of the trees there and see if you spot any faeries. I love that spot. Don’t be fooled though. The earth there is soft and one wrong step, you could fall 300 feet to your death to the rocks below. But don’t worry. 

The view from the cliffs is stunning. The Gulf of St. Lawrence  opens into the Atlantic Ocean. I have seen blue lightning flash over the ocean, watched whales splash in the ocean, and eagles soar over the ocean- and seen a school of mackerel on the ocean surface. That’s not something you see every day. The fishermen get their catch and donate a bit of their catch to the local hall where we all gather and hold a crab fest. The lobster is awesome too. 

Pleasant Bay is a pristine wilderness. The air hums with buzzing bees and the air smells of spruce trees, sea salt, and wild roses all at the same time. That takes some beating. Hawks circle the skies above my sister’s free range chickens. It is paradise. There are faeries, because once I accompanied my ex-friend Geoffrey to a spot in the woods where he was painting. I felt an invisible tug on my hand. I was led to a clearing where I saw some birds. (I know I have faeries in my garden in Halifax, too.)  So I believe that faeries exist. You are never too old to believe in them. 

Owls, bats, bobcats, moose, foxes, deer and coyotes, bears and eagles roam wild in Pleasant Bay. If you visit, I highly encourage you to respect the wildflife. There is no hunting. Go for the chance to view nature in her glory. 

You can go kayaking, hiking, and stroll by the ocean shore there. There are many lookoffs points and the panoramic view is nothing short of beautiful. Hike the rugged mountains and hunt for seashells. Watch out for the jellyfish! and the poison ivy, and the dreaded mosquitoes and black flies. 

Leave an offering for the faeries. Or your keys may go missing. Unless you decide to stay a little longer. Enjoy the video!!


Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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