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Respect for the Earth- The importance of choosing organic food

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Merry meet all,

I am now on a mission! I was inspired by the Starhawk Workshop. While I was there, it came to my attention that people are not aware enough of the importance of organic food. Now it is important to be aware. So my mission is to help make people more aware. That is what I am going to blog about here and try to make people more aware on a local level in my community. 

Being aware means many things. It means that you make healthier food choices, that you are critical of where you spend your hard earned money, that you strive to benefit the environment, that you boycott restaurants such as McDonalds or Wendys or Starbucks. It means that you are committed to helping the environment. It means that you are educated about the harsh realities of GMO food and stand against Monsanto. It means that you harbour a deep love of our Mother Earth, a love so deep it would never occur to you to step inside McDonalds. It means that you do not support that animals are forced into inhumane conditions and injected with chemicals. Those animals never see daylight or eat grass. How would you feel if you were in such a situation? 

Organic food is produced more humanely, retains the necessary nutrients, and is healthier for you. It saves the lives of bees, helps support local farmers, and lets you eat with a conscience. This may not seem like much but each step you take towards choosing organic food over processed does help the environment. Organic food keeps farmers in business and the more you insist on organic food being available, the more that the large grocery stores have to supply it. So keep buying organic food to make it available to as many people as possible. 

Commit to selecting organic food. You will stay fit, be healthier, help the environment and know you made a smart choice. When I was at the Starhawk workshop, I found it hard to eat the food that was served because the food wasn’t organic. The food that is being served should reflect the nature of the workshop. I had to throw a lot out and just eat my nature trail seeds because I couldn’t stomach the processed food. That is how committed I am to my course. It shocked me, the quality of food that was served to people. However, I had little choice. 

This is what I am trying to communicate. Not enough people are aware that organic food, toiletries, even linens are available and that it would benefit them much more than they realize. 

So stay tuned to learn more of the importance of organic food here. Trust me, the bees, birds, local farmers and your own body will thank you for it. 

Blessed Be,

Lady Spiderwitch )O(




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