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Faeries Siren Song )O(

la cat

Merry meet all,

I want to post about our winged friends. No I don’t mean screeching jays or cooing chickadees. I am talking about the fae, the faeries, our unseen allies. Or so we think. I’m a brave enough adult to dare to believe in the existence of faeries but I also know well enough when to invoke them, honor them and be careful of them.

Faeries can help us in our homes and gardens. They can protect the home and magically guard a home, help plants grow in the garden and protect it, and keep worse nasty spirits away. But where I come from, they can also enchant you to steal you away to leave you to your death!

I believe that Pleasant Bay is highly populated with the fae and spirits. The tiny fishing village where I set my novel and where I grew up is faery territory. They frolic and flit and send out siren songs to lure you to your fate. Their siren song is sung and the people who can hear them are most likely more clairvoyant.

I have strolled through the woods, the nature trails, and hiked on the mountains. As I walked, I saw flashing spots of light and felt their presence. It feels like you’re being watched but you look and nothing is there. You swear your hear giggles but again, nothing’s there. You feel an unusual need to take a certain direction on a walk through the trees but you can’t understand why you wanted to do that. That is what I mean by faeries. They choose to show themselves to you, its not the other way around. They prefer those who are faery friendly and want to help protect the environment.

But its not without its dangers. The siren songs are heard by those who possess the ability to. However, they can confuse those who are weary and unwary. A cliff presents its dangers and small ponds or lakes. Harbours are another hunting ground for faeries. They say the fae were originally blood drinkers. It is possible, I haven’t researched that enough yet. But while I am not sure they sing that siren song, I believe that they do.

Never thank a faery and never linger in their fae world for too long. Never take their food or drink or you will never return to the mortal world. Their time is different than ours. Their logic is different than ours.

Don’t turn your back on the ocean, don’t gaze into the ocean waves too long and don’t get lost on highways. I am sure some of this goes without saying. But if you don’t believe me, then go to the harbor on a foggy night and see for yourself if you are not entranced by the moody misty waves. I have been and know when to enjoy that sensual experience of waves rolling but know when to turn away and go home.

But for those who can and do sense faeries, then embrace your gift. It is a magical and should be treasured gift to sense the faeries. They don’t let themselves be known by just anyone. You must be special. You may just have a brownie or house goblin lurking within the walls of your home. Hint: They like older houses. Leave an offering of pretty silver trinkets, or milk, honey and cookies for them. And never stop believing in magick!!!

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(



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The best night of the year

The moon

Merry meet all,

Samhain is here. It’s October 31st!!! Have a great Samhain Sabbat celebration!! 

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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Psychic Defence


Merry meet all,

Autumn is a beautiful season. The trees are regaled in fiery colours and everyone is eager to carve pumpkins. It’s also the time when the veil between the worlds is thinning. While it is fun to try seances or do a grave rubbing, do try to protect yourself from unwanted energies. This post tells you how.

There are many methods to use to shield yourself. I shield myself and I am now accustomed to it. If you practice regularly, you will be too. The most important methods are firstly meditation, visualization and intent.

Meditation Meditation is a great and foolproof way to put yourself in a certain state of mind, and to prepare for a ritual or whatever you had planned. You cleanse your mind, body and spirit and clear your head.

Visualization Practice visualizing in your mind a shield around yourself. Your shield can be anything you want it to be. That can range from a beehive to a cave to an egg to a huge boulder or even a spider web. It can be anything, if it works for you. Just try to see something clearly in your mind. This is very important.

Intent When I went to the famous haunted (I’m not kidding!), Five Fishermen Restaurant, which I was secretly investigating for ghosts, I entered with intent and I had visualized a shield around myself. I was psychically ‘on’, or entering with the intent to possibly have an encounter with ghosts and ready for whatever experiences may occur. I didn’t enter blindly in other words. I was prepared. See why I say this stuff is important? And if you wanna find out what happened that night, you can mosey on over to my parent blog at Broomsticks & Cauldrons to read the post titled: Ghosts of the Halifax Explosion http://heddyjohannesen.wordpress.com/2012/09/19/ghosts-of-the-halifax-explosion/

Ok here it is: I went to the Five Fishermen restaurant to see if it was haunted. I sat down to enjoy a lovely meal of seafood salad and wine. As I ate, I kept glancing at the wall of wine bottles across the room. I sensed nothing downstairs, and there was so much hustle and bustle of people entering and exiting the restaurant. After I paid for the meal, I confessed to an employee why I was really there. I was given a tour of the upstairs area of the restaurant. We chatted as we climbed the stairs. Halfway up I felt like someone was dancing over my grave. My chest felt tight. We climbed the stairs and reached the top floor. I became uneasy. We went into a small room full of wine bottles. I sensed something almost angry, oppressed, and unhappy. I wanted to leave. I was told this was a very haunted room of the restaurant. I realized that was why I kept glancing at the wine bottles downstairs. I could not remain long in that room. I told the spirit, maybe an old sea captain, I meant no harm. I sensed he was curious about me. We then went to the private dining room- the employee and I- though maybe the ghost followed us. I could almost see people from another time seated at the tables and dining. I was told a lot of mediums have entered the dining room and have wanted to leave. I sensed a spirit or two haunted that room, too.

The Five Fishermen serves excellent food. It is a haunted restaurant and needs a good spiritual cleansing. The Halifax Explosion has created a lot of residual energy that is stagnant and stuck and unable to move on. I hope I have the chance to cleanse the energy there of the residual energy.

You can see by the above post how crucial it is to shield yourself. I didn’t take the energy home with me. I left it there and when I arrived home, I smudged myself with sage. All I did was shield myself. You get better at it the more you practice at it. Soon it becomes second nature to you.

Other ways to shield yourself are by setting up defences in your home. I hung a dreamcatcher above my bed, put a tiger’s eye crystal below my bed, and I placed amethyst and hematite crystals on the windowsills. I smudge my home with sage often and on every full moon. I actually have a gargoyle statue near my front door to guard my home. I keep a salt pouch in my kitchen pantry cupboard. I sprinkle salt on the windowsill and doors. I keep a bent clothes hanger in the shape of a g at my back door that bars bad energy and even insects, not kidding! I cast a door threshold protection spell at my back and front door while a squirrel chirped fiercely in my garden the entire time. Thanks, squirrel!! I found the spell in the book titled The Way of the Hedge Witch.

We will talk more about psychically protecting yourself in the next blog posts. Do use common sense and don’t become paranoid. The best way to be protected is to have a sense of humour and be calm.

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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My costume


Merry meet all,

I am working on my costume. Who isn’t inspired by Tim Burton? I am, I am!! The costume is the one from the much loved movie The Corpse Bride. I love that movie and I watched it the other night. 

The irony of it all is that the dress I chose from my wardrobe is the one I wore to my sis’s wedding years ago. I am not married but no reason I can’t be a corpse bride!! So the dress is the one in the pic- delicate blue lace all over the dress. I plan to sew a hole in the dress and attach fabric to show fake ribs, tear a high slit in the dress, and tear and stain the hem. It doesn’t quite reach to my feet. I may add more material to the hem. I need a long train. The material for this gown was free. The dress is also old. Perfect!!


I have a lot of delicate blue lace. I plan to buy almost a meter of blue tulle and sew the tattered blue lace to it then shred the tulle for that undead just out of the coffin look. The lace is beautiful and torn in fragments. I shall post a picture here later. 

All I need to do is to make the veil, add the necessary details to the dress, get a wig, and do the makeup. I now have an even better reason for anticipating October 31st. I want to add some blue wristlets and of course, a bony arm. Well I have a whole month to work on it! Let me know how your costumes are turning out!

Here is a lin to a video about the Fall of the House of Usher: Enjoy



I found a costume @ Value Village and I really like it. It is a white dress with black fabric going down the centre of the dress. Silver lacing on centre of black strip of fabric. I also found a veil. I am all set. I don’t care if I tear this dress up or smear fake blood on it. It cost $8. Perfect. I have included a photo.


Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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Halloween Toys


Merry meet all,

This week I treated myself to some Halloween-ish toys. I bought myself the much coveted The Halloween Oracle deck by Stacey DeMarco- Lifting the Veil Between the Worlds every Night. Indeed. I do own the Ghosts & Spirits Tarot deck. 

The box is black and decorated with lots of black witch hats, besoms, bats, ghosts, and evil-looking pumpkins. The deck comes with a guidebook that is small and decorated. The inside of the box is orange and the outside is black. Too cool. The guidebook shows you how to do some spreads and how to dedicate your deck. You can try the Jacko’ Lantern divination and or the Halloween 3 card draw. I am sure this deck will bewitch and entertain those brave enough to try. The guidebook also describes each card.

The deck is awesome. Each card is beautifully illustrated. There are 36 spooky cards to the deck in total, including a card of Skull of Light, A skull of flowers, a skull of darkness, and a skull of stars. Each card is rich with meaning and symbolism. I am sure I shall enjoy many a time with these eerie cards. 

I also picked a cool book. As you can tell, I don’t shy away from the paranormal. The book is called The Weird. It is a massive 1000-age compendium of strange and dark stories. It contains many a spooky tale by well-known writers such as Poe, Stephen King, George RR Martin, Kafka, Lovecraft, Tanith Lee, and many others. Here is the link to the book on Amazon: http://www.amazon.ca/The-Weird-Compendium-Strange-Stories/dp/0765333627. I bought this amazing tome at the local bookstore. They put it aside for me, knowing how much it meant to me, and even shrink wrapped it for me. How awesome, huh? The stories in the book are in two columns per page, so you see four columns of type. I think that is cool. They included so many that must be why they did it that way. 

So what is on your Halloween reading list? It is near that time of year. I saw pumpkins at the local grocery store. I plan to stock up on some.  I bought a large bat and a skull garland for my Halloween tree and a pumpkin to cook up. Fun spooky times await!!

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch 

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