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Why Horror


Why I like Horror

It’s cool. It’s seductive. It has a hold over us, like a spell, a tentacle that reaches out from the closet of our darkest dreams and pulls us in. Horror has worked its dark magic on readers and viewers since we sat around campfires and told each other stories to send chills down spines.

I like to write dark fiction. I began writing dark fiction unexpectedly. I found a market for it. I do like horror and have watched several horror movies. I study the horror movies as a way to learn how to write horror fiction.

I do not shrink from the dark side of life. I am drawn to it. I want to know what exists there, what lurks, what fears I have to conquer. I own a fake human skull, honor a dark goddess Hekate, visit cemeteries, sport black nail polish, wear skull earrings and rings, wear black and read writers like Poe and Shelley and Lovecraft. It is my life. I am a member of the Horror Writers Association.

Black draws energy in and invites spirits to interact with me. I am an aspiring paranormal investigator. But I have gotten a rap on the wrist a few times for my darker aspirations. I was criticized for wanting to write about the dark goddesses such as Hekate, wanting to include the dark gods in the tarot, or writing too darkly for some editor’s tastes. This is why I am a member of the Horror Writers Association. I feel like the association is a home, a retreat. I feel understood for why I do what I do. They understand me.

I just square my shoulders and keep typing. I just write for those who do appreciate my preferences. I keep a fake human skull on my desk or near my desk to inspire and remind me of my mortality. We as writers or artists have so much freedom within the genre to address issues or themes, especially within horror. We can demonize our fears in stories then turn away from it or stare it in the face, depending on how we feel. Stephen King faced his fears in his stories and pushed our fears in our faces, not allowing us to turn away unless we snapped the book shut or turned off the TV.

That is not why I write horror but it is a part of it. It draws me closer, it has an attraction, an animal magnetism. And now my boyfriend who is a true horror fan has refreshed the coal fire of my own love for horror. I have been writing more, sending my own writing out to editors more and watched more horror movies. The Shining was downright shocking and horrifying. I can live without ever seeing that movie again. I have read the novel twice.

Horror has enthralled people since we could sit around a fire and share stories. It continues to this day. I hope it shall bewitch and ensnare readers and viewers well into the future.

Blessings, Spiderwitch



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The Horror of it all Part 2

Merry meet all,

I have watched 3-4 horror movies lately. I was not that scared. The movies were Insidious 1-2, The Possession of Hannah Grace, and Sinister. I could get a night’s sleep after watching them which means the movies needed to be scarier. I am a writer of horror fiction and seriously, I am well read. I know that in order to give readers or viewers the frights royale, it needs to be scary. I mean scary. I am talking about leaving the lights on all night and hiding under the covers kind of scared. However, after watching these predictable movies, I was like blah.
So all that money is spent on making these movies and I am getting a full night’s sleep? The Exorcist holds the throne as superior in terror because it was terrifying. There is a difference between horrifying and terrifying. One of the two you experience more deeply. I won’t watch The Exorcist which deals with similar themes as the movies mentioned above.
I had a nightmare about a horrific demon. I have seen scary. Not much fazes me now. There is nothing scarier than experiencing – read, enduring, something in real life. If you really want the frights royale, try that sometime. A movie ends. You can close the pages of a horror novel. But to actually experience something? Now there’s scary. It stays with you and changes you. Forever. It haunts you in the back of your mind. I still live in my apartment after what I saw in my nightmare. (The rent is low.) I still enter my broom closet but not without drawing up my shields. I am serious. The nightmare occurred in my broom closet. That thing was not sticking around. There was no way.
I think directors of these movies would benefit from listening to real people’s actual accounts. They think they know scary. Listen to the people. People come into my witch shop all the time for help about dark spirits following them around. Real life is scarier. Truth is stranger than fiction.
I have left a pentacle in my broom closet, salt, a jar of water (to see if it changes color- it is murky.) I have smudged with sage there. I have done an Italian spell with a lemon down there. I stabbed the lemon with pins and wound yarn around it. I left the lemon to hang in the closet and absorb the negativity. To this day, I feel like something stares back at me. I am not kidding. Sheesh. But there is no harm done yet and so I have not moved out.
So these directors really need to up their act if they want to scare me. Or maybe I will write my own scary story.
Blessings Spiderwitch

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