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Lessons from a Ghost


Merry meet all,

Recently I completed my novel proposal for submission to a publishing company. I hope they fall in love with it. I won a set of Star Wars books  from a bookstore. Star Wars was the first movie I saw when I was a little girl and the first movie experience I ever had. So it is cool that I won the books. I watched The Empire Strikes Back for free online the other night. Darn good movie. I love the idea of the Hero’s Journey. 

I use the model of the Hero’s Journey in my own supernatural novel. The main character embarks on the Hero’s Journey. She progresses from entering the home and moving in and being paralyzed with grief to becoming intrigued about the ghost to saving him against all odds. Along the way, she makes allies and enemies, and learns some important lessons about life and changes by the end. She comes to terms with her grief. 

She can thank Jonathan the ghost for that. He is the one who aids her and is her mentor. He pushes her to change. 

Jonathan is visible to Rosemary because he chooses to show himself to her, he needs her help, and because she has a clairvoyant ability. Scott, Janet and Richard can’t see him. They have no psychic ability. They take longer to become believers. They were not open to magick and were not believers in magick. Magic was not part of their world. But magick is a part of Rosemary’s world. They could become believers because Rosemary could prove it to them because of her actions or what she says. But that is still a stretch for them. Janet is the one who believes the least in Jonathan’s existence, so she had to become the believer by the book’s end. She was the toughest to convince that a ghost existed. She didn’t want to believe because she craved control over everything and everyone, she knew all along what had happened, but she is not as dark as Duncan. She never goes to his side. Janet is the most typical close minded traditional ‘muggle’. She has her way of seeing things and is never deterred. She never believes in magick and thinks she knows what is best for everyone. She lived traditionally and believed in everything being orderly and under her control.

 But since Jonathan does not become visible to Scott, Janet and Richard, it remains difficult for them to believe he is there. This makes it hard for Rosemary. But Rosemary has that special thing about her that attracts Jonathan to her. Her inner light is a beacon for him in the dark. He feeds on her energy to be able to contact her. If she touches seaweed, he can reach her. It takes him a lot of energy to do it otherwise. But she provides him with the energy to reach her and to probe what she holds most dear- Henry- and to make her be the means to his end. She is the tool whether she means it or not. She thinks she can control him but really, Jonathan desperately needs to be freed and he knows this. So he uses whatever means to reach her, including appearing to be Henry to get her attention. It does, and she believes that it is Henry.

 This is bad for Rosemary. It is later that she realizes that Jonathan did that to get her attention. But she doesn’t resent it against Jonathan. She still helps him to cross over. She sees beyond the curse to the man inside it. He is not a monster to her. He appears scary but for all that, he is a powerful ghost, he doesn’t hurt her. He never attempts to kill her. Duncan, however, does. This reveals Duncan for who he really is underneath. This makes Jonathan the hero he is meant to be and not the monster. The real monster is Duncan for what he did to Jonathan and eventually to Rosemary. This shows there is some humanity in Jonathan that is not completely hidden by his curse. Jonathan saves her life when Duncan tries to kill her.

Jonathan is the hero and is rid of his curse at the novel’s end. I guess I just gave the novel’s ending away but fret not. Rosemary and Jonathan both come to terms with their issues. One of my novel’s main themes is finding freedom through sacrifice. I think this clearly show that. 

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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