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The best night of the year

The moon

Merry meet all,

Samhain is here. It’s October 31st!!! Have a great Samhain Sabbat celebration!! 

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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Merry meet all,

The main character, Rosemary Bell, in my novel is born with the Sight. She has the ability to see into the Otherworld. She feels awkward about her gift and doubts it until the most necessary part of the story. I won’t give it away. 

A ghost inhabits her home with her. Well it is really his home but he happily shares it with Rosemary, because of her good nature and good heart. Her mediumistic abilities aid her as she strives to sort the mystery of the ghost Jonathan’s death. 

Mediumship is defined as receiving information not normally  obtained through the five senses, or being able to channel spirit.They receive information from spirits and relay it to the people who requested it. 

Mediumship enjoyed popularity in the nineteenth century. Much like my character in my novel, I too, have a gift of clairvoyance. I can see them more than I can hear them. I am not sure if ghosts even make sounds but an appearance? Oh yeah. Well it is not a Hollywood movie worthy entrance, but you get the picture. I was trained in the Spiritual Science Fellowship Spiritual and Psychic Development levels 1,2 + 3. I graduated after eighteen weeks of intense study. And again, muck like the people in the nineteenth century. I studied at someone’s home and we all sat in a circle and learned various techniques of mediumship. I enjoyed the course. 

I once used my gift to determine what I received for Yule. I sat down and took calming breaths. Sitting comfortably in my chair, I closed my eyes and meditated on the object. My character at one point in the story uses remote viewing. Remote viewing means the practice of sensing or gaining psychic impressions of a person, object or space that is inaccessible to the normal five senses. 

As I held the heavy, unopened box in my hands. I felt the weight of the box, the texture, and the smell. I knew the gift was heavy because the box was heavy. As I gained impressions, I sensed there was more than 1 object within the box, and that they were blue, heavy candleholders from Little Mysteries. I opened the box upon receiving all of my impressions and I discovered to my own considerable awe that I was correct!! I surprised myself!

Remote viewing is but one aspect of mediumship. There are many more of them. I will post more about that here. Enjoy the Solstice



Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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