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Protective Mugwort


Merry meet all,

It’s 70 more days to Samhain!! Are you excited? I am!! It’s time to be preparing for Samhain. Samhain is the traditional Celtic Witches New Year. I feel a little chill in the air this morning. 

The day of the Full Moon, I harvested a large stalk of mugwort. The mugwort is drying on a towel in my kitchen. Mugwort can be used in divinations, dream work, teas, incense, to cleanse crystal balls. It can be used to smudge a ritual area. Mugwort’s versatility for magickal spellworkings makes it a popular herb. 

I listened to a podcast by Selena Fox on Pagan Circle podcast. She talked about mugwort and its many magickal uses. I enjoyed the podcast and since I am growing organic mugwort in my kitchen witch’s magickal herb garden, I can make the most of the traditional witch’s herb. Also, trimming the mugwort allows it grow back, which is another bonus. It will soon be time to harvest your bounty from your herb garden. I hope you have a great harvest of herbs, flowers, and vegetables. I also hope they were organic and free of harmful pesticides. You retain more nutrients and the volatile oils of some of your plants by keeping them organic. The veggies, herbs, and flowers I grow are as organic. I used organic soil too. 

Now the moon is waning. The next Sabbat in the Wheel of the Year is Mabon, a magickal time in its own right. Waning moon is the time to draw away from you that which no longer serves you. Banishings and purification spells are good to do now. I steeped mugwort tea and poured it on the ground deosil in a circle all around my apartment. We had to dig up tree roots here to get them out of the pipes. There was lots of upheavel. The tea circle will now replenish and strengthen the energy here, cleanse away the negative energies, and protect the area. I was up 6 am to pour the tea. I am sure I might look strange to onlookers walking in a circle pouring out tea from a teapot. I like to be discreet when I do that. I also want to do this at Samhain. 

I also recommend smudging your home on the inside every full moon. That strengthens the magickal shield inside your home. Autumn, or the Fall season, is the best time to stock up on magickal provisions. My pantry is almost empty. I intend to stock up on herbs and other magickal tools for spell workings this season. 

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch


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