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Paranormal Magick

The moon

Merry meet all,

The Full Moon ruled the sky last night. Wow. I took the photo above of the moon myself. I also performed an esbat, a ritual to honor the moon. I love the picture. Spooky.  The moon is entering the Waning Gibbous phase. 

I bought the Ghosts & Spirits Tarot deck today. I am in love with the deck and will write more here when I have explored the deck in more depth. The artwork on the cards is spooky and beautiful. I look forward to working with the deck. I’m happy to know such an eerie tarot deck exists. 

I recently found a paranormal investigation team located here in Halifax. It’s called the Lightworkers Paranormal Investigation Team https://www.facebook.com/Lightworkerspi. That is their Facebook page. I am thrilled because that is my passion. I hope to learn more and become a part of their team. 

Blessed be,
Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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