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The other characters

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Merry meet all,

The other characters that populate my novel are as important as the most main characters. The other characters are Janet Macdonald- the nosy and bossy but well-meaing neighbour who doesn’t believe in ghosts. She was close friends with Jonathan’s wife, Agnes Fraser. Her husband Richard and their son Scott, who is smitten with Rosemary. 

Another important character who plays a major role in the novel is Duncan McAskill. He knew Jonathan and Agnes. He was secretly in love with Agnes. Duncan is secretly responsible for tearing Jonathan and Agnes apart. Jonathan and Agnes truly loved each other. 

Duncan is suspicious of Rosemary when she moves to the sleepy fishing village. He hides a  dark secret. She moves into Jonathan’s home and the tension and conflicts deepen. Duncan wants her out of the house. He knows what lurks in the house and he doesn’t want her to find it. But as Rosemary probes deeper into the mystery of Jonathan’s death, she comes closer to learning the dark shocking truth. 

Duncan is patient … at first. She learns more of the truth only to find herself on a quest despite her grief over her late husband. But Jonathan is determined to be avenged and to find peace after lingering in dark solitude for so many years. When Rosemary tries to leave, the ghost follows and blocks her escape. She soon discovers that turning back to do the right thing is about to be the hardest test of her life. 

Blessed Be,

Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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