Grapevine Magic at Mabon

autumn scene

Merry meet all,

I am delighted to share a link with you all about the bees. Bees have been dying worldwide. But this is a landmark victory. Here is the link: I am so relieved to know that bees have survived. They are essential to our survival.

Mabon is coming up soon. Mabon is a time of balance and harmony. I already feel the chill in the air. Now the idea of the harvest is more exciting because the carrots, radishes, and peas in my garden are growing. The neighbors planted a grape vine. You can try grape vine magic this Mabon.

Grapes are a symbol of fertility and prosperity.

Decorate your altar with grapes and vines. I intend to do this one- make a grapevine pentacle. I just cut and brought in grape vines from the yard here. When it dries, I will weave it into a pentacle.

Paint or stencil grapevines onto your walls. This ensures a bountiful crop.

Use grape leaves as an ingredient in spells to attract abundance. For a talisman, fold a grape leaf around a coin, and tie with green string. Carry the talisman with you.

Plant grapes in pots on either side of your door and train the vines to grow up around the doorframe. This helps abundance enters your home.

Use wine to asperge thee home or to help mark a sacred circle.

Good luck with your grapevine magic!

Mabon Blessings,

Lady Spiderwitch